F The Percentage Change In Going From Y1 To Y2 If Log Y1 1 82 And Loge Y2 1 79 G The 3837322

f. the percentage change in going from y1 to y2 if log y1 = 1.82 and loge y2 = 1.79 g. the percentage point change in the unemployment rate when the rate goes from 6% to 9% i. the percentage change in X when X goes from 2 to 0 j. the percentage change in X when X goes from 0 to k, where k is a number greater than zero

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Each respondent in the Current Population Survey of March 2005 was classified as employed, unemployed, or outside the labor force. The results for men inCalifornia age 35-44 can be cross-tabulated by marital status, as follows:

Employed:790 (Married),98 (Widowed, divorced or separated),209 (Never married)

Unemployed: 56 (Married),11 (Widowed, divorced or separated),27 (Never married)

Not in labor force: 21 (Married),7 (Widowed, divorced or separated), 13 (Never married)

Men of different martial status seem to have different distributions of labor force status. Or is this just chance variation? (You may assume the data came from asimple random sample.)

Mordica Company S Standard Labour Cost Per Unit 2802165

Mordica company’s standard labour cost per unit……



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Johanna And Jake Berkvom Own Campus Fashions From Its Inception Campus Fashions Has 796257

Johanna and Jake Berkvom own Campus Fashions. From its inception Campus Fashions has sold goods on either a cash or credit basis, but no credit cards have been accepted. During the past several months, the Berkvoms have begun to question their credit sales policies. First, they have lost some sales because of their refusal to accept credit cards. Second, representatives of two banks have convinced them to accept their credit cards. One bank, City Bank, has stated that (1) its credit card fee is 4% and (2) it pays the retailer 96 cents on each $1 of sales within 3 days of receiving the credit card billings. The Berkvoms decide that they should determine the cost of carrying their own credit sales. From the accounting records of the past 3 years they accumulate these data: 2015 2014 2013 Net credit sales $600 000 $720 000 $480 000 Collection agency fees for slowpaying customers 2 940 3 000 1 920 Wages of part-time accounts receivable clerk 4 560 4 560 4 560 Credit and collection expenses as a percentage of net credit sales are as follows: uncollectable accounts 1.6%, invoicing and mailing costs 0.5%, and creditinvestigation fee on new customers 0.15%. Johanna and Jake also determine that the average accounts receivable balance outstanding during the year is 5% of net credit sales. The Berkvoms estimate that they could earn an average of 10% annually on cash invested in other business opportunities. Required Answer the following: (a) Present calculations for each year showing total credit and collection expenses in dollars and as a percentage of net credit sales. (b) Determine the net credit and collection expenses in dollars and as a percentage of sales after considering the revenue not earned from other investment opportunities. (Note: The interest revenue lost on the cash held by the bank for 3 days is considered to be immaterial.) (c) Discuss both the financial and non-financial factors that are relevant to the decision.

Important Formula S Of Quantum Mechanics 2857283

Important Formula’s of quantum mechanics Document Preview:

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He Seminole Company Wishes To Apply The Miller Orr Model To Manage Its Cash Investme 2274238

he Seminole Company wishes to apply the Miller-Orr model to manage its cash investment. Seminole’s management has collected the following estimates:

Cost per transaction

= $200

Variance of daily cash flows

= $10,000

Opportunity cost of cash, per day

= 0.05%

Seminole management has figured, based on their experience dealing with the cash flows of the company, that there should be a cushion— a safety stock—of cash of $20,000. Calculate the following:

a. the lower limit

b. the return point

c. the upper limit

Francis Equipment Co Closes Its Books Regularly On December 31 But At The End Of 201 3594898

Francis Equipment Co. closes its books regularly on December 31, but at the end of 2014 it held its cash book open so that a more


P7-1 (Determine Proper Cash Balance) Francis Equipment Co. closes its books regularly on December 31, but at the end of 2014 it held its cash book open so that a more favorable balance sheet could be prepared for credit purposes. Cash receipts and disbursements for the first 10 days of January were recorded as December transactions. The information is given below.


1. January cash receipts recorded in the December cash book totalled $45,640 of which $28,000 represents cash sales, and $17,640 represents collections on account for which cash discounts of $360 were given.

2. January cash disbursements recorded in the December check register liquidated accounts payable of $22,450 on which discounts of $250 were taken.

3. The ledger has not been closed for 2014.

4. The amount shown as inventory was determined by physical count on December 31, 2014.

The company uses the periodic method of inventory.



(a) Prepare any entries you consider necessary to correct Francis�s accounts at December 31.


(b) To what extent was Francis Equipment Co. able to show a more favorable balance sheet at
     December 31 by holding its cash book open? (Compute working capital and the current ratio.)
    Assume that the balance sheet that was prepared by the company showed the following amounts:


Explain The Purpose And Scope Of Database Security List The Main Types Of Threat Tha 660950

Explain the purpose and scope of database security. List the main types of threat that could affect a database system, and for each describe the controls that you would use to counteract each of them. Explain the following in terms of providing security for a database:

(a) authorization;

(b) access controls;

(c) views;

(d) backup and recovery;

(e) integrity;

(f ) encryption;

(g) RAID technology.

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