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Need an argumentative essay on Venetian Renaissance (Venice). Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

However, the Venetians differed from the artists of the High Renaissance in the ways that they approached their subjects. Venice exists at the eastern edge of the Italian border, forcing it to remain more open to alternative points of view, such as the concepts of eastern religions and cultures. This made them less controlled by the dictates and prejudices of the Roman church and thus more open to exploration of expression. They were experimenting not only with how to depict realistic-seeming images, but were more intrigued with discovering deep emotional content in their depictions. The Venetians were also more open to artistic nudity, remaining focused on realistic rather than idealized figures.

While the basic techniques used in Venice and the rest of Italy were largely the same, the Venetian artists also had the benefit of the unique light of their climate. In working to capture this soft light, the Venetians such as Titian became famous for their delicate reflected

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Need an argumentative essay on Using Improvement Science Models to Promote Quality and Safety. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

14). This paper offers an analysis of two improvement models and how they could foster a culture of quality and patient safety and facilitate changes in process that promote positive outcomes. Subsequently, this paper elucidates how one of the models could be used to address prolonger clinic wait times in Brookwood Medical Center and how it relates to one of the IOMs six aims for improving quality and safety.

As an example of a quality improvement model, Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) is a quick, chronological, and collective erudition model that presents significant information on factual results relating to the continuing efforts of the health care delivery team (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2012). In this model, an initiative for change is recognized in the planning stage, execution and quantification of the initiative conducted in the doing stage, and evaluation of the information to be quantified conducted in the study stage (Ernst et al, 2010). Based on the results of the assessment, a decision to either approve or discard the initiative is done in the acting stage. In other words, change processes are directed by a continuous process of compilation of information (Ernst et al, 2010). Therefore, quality processes that promote patient safety are adopted while strategies to improve on processes or systems resulting to substandard outcomes are initiated. In so doing, a culture of quality and patient safety is promoted.

The second model of improvement is the change acceleration process highlighted by Polk (2011), and is achieved through innovation and the lean six sigma. In the lean sigma method, the need for change must be defined, measured, and analyzed (Polk, 2011). Subsequently, a procedure for remedial actions must be formulated, and the achieved outcome quantified using relevant measures in order to ascertain whether the intended outcome has been achieved (Polk, 2011). This process,

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Need an argumentative essay on Sunset Grill at Blue Analysis. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

igger issue to the management and thus prompted analysis SWOT analysis on Sunset at Blue to identify the exact genesis of the problem (Fitzsimmons & Brordoloi, 2014). To help this organization improve the service delivery and customer satisfaction, the concepts of gap model Gap Model was applied to benefit Sunset at Blue.

The restaurant management was pleased with performance as they realized high customers and sales particularly on its first year of operations and had earned business of the year in the countries of Simcoe and Grey. However, the management had to device a new strategy to combat a problem that was increasingly building up at the restaurant, and could affect the performance in terms of customer satisfaction (Cheng, 2012).

Even though sun set at blue restaurant provided healthy food to customers, the management had a problem of constant long queues of customers especially on Sunday (Fitzsimmons & Brordoloi, 2014). For instance, the servers were only two attending to the customer orders. this could be corrected using Gap model should be applied by the management. This concept entails bridging the gap between consumers in terms of their expectation and management perception that occurs when the management does not correctly perceive the customers want. The fourth in the gap model is directly important in this scenario as it arises between service delivery from the providers and external communication (Reitzel et al., 2014). The gap arises when customer’s expectations are not fully met the time of service delivery as in the case of Sunset at Blue.

Due to inadequacy in terms of enough servers, the management of the Sunset at Blue should hire three more servers to ensure quick attendance to the customers’ orders (Fitzsimmons & Brordoloi, 2014). In addition, the management should provide more seats on at the weighting bay for the customers to feel comfortable as they await their service (Rachel et al, 2013).

Cheng, C. (2012). Service quality

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need an actual product/solution to consult with.  The 2 places will be banks. As for everyhting else. u can make it up.

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Need an argumentative essay on No Topic Required. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ly, it shows that Jack Levine may have learnt to make use of several skills such as cubism in accord to both the atmosphere, and the various images that have been noted in his painting. Although, the location of the painting is not very clear, there is a representation of both men and women in the society posing in anticipation of a certain event. One wonders whether the painter may have intended to communicate anything through this painting or was it a way of indicating how art can be useful (Bender 13).

What is striking about the painting is how each element that has been noted is so distinct yet it is almost the same colour that was used to make a painting. This is noted from the background, which displays a housing structure, the individuals themselves and their clothing and lastly the dogs. The strokes of the painting display different edges and the colours schemes are distinctly applied to show a clear linkage between the various structures of the body. For example, the arms and the faces of the individual clearly show they are black people. Also notably, the painting shows the mood. The dogs are barking and held by the various individuals. This act of barking in itself portrays agitation, an excitement that is not clear. The faces of the individuals on the painting are also expressionless and looking to the same direction, which probably reaffirms why the dogs could be under some excitement.

The surrealism in Birmingham 63 not only does denote how different individuals are at a specific time of the day, but also it brings out some element of surprise all which sums up to our initial thought of the intention of the painter in the first place. Clearly, the painting only shows one side of the coin, which are people going about their daily activities and an events halts them to look in the direction they are currently looking. The kind of dressing by these individuals notes the possibility that they may go about their daily activities (Bender 15).


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Need help with my writing homework on The contemporary Legal landscape in the IT industry. Write a 1000 word paper answering; For example, use of home made applications mobile applications is not clearly defined thus it’s a challenge.

The contemporary ethical environment in the IT industry The main normative approaches to ethics – compare and contrast the main approaches that we have looked at virtue, consequentialist and deontological

According to the BCS code of conduct, a professional should be conversant with the ethical issues and the legislations governing their profession. They must observe ethical the codes of conduct to be able to remain morally right. This is deontological ethics.

Contemporary ethical dilemmas – how are recent developments in IT creating challenges for ethical behaviour? Can IT be used to make people and or organisation behaviour more ethical? If possible give some specific real-world examples taken from the guest speakers or your reading.

The growth of IT has posed serious challenges to the ethical values in the society. The development in IT has brought about several lee ways for breaching ethical codes of conduct. Through development of software with unethical contents. For instance, the development of YouTube made it easy to access pornographic videos. YouTube does not as for age or require any authorization before you are allowed to watch a video(Gattiker, 2004). This makes it easy for even people below adulthood to view the contents that are not in compliance with ethical issues.

However, IT can also be used to enhance ethics in our society. This is possible through creation of software that requires authentication and authorisation before someone is allowed to access an application. These applications can be embedded in both commercial and open source applications so that whenever someone uses, the ethical codes are taken into account.

Technical aspects of security entail the security management.

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Need an research paper on 2. strategy mangement report: nestle decided to investigate further the possibility of moving to canada. Needs to be 19 pages. Please no plagiarism. Nestle as all other companies are planning to integrate a sustainable development within the global edge and enhance the effectiveness of the competitive edge within the globe.

Nestle S.A. is the biggest and largest company dealing in various ranges of food products as well as other beverages. Nestle S.A. is operating through various subsidiary companies across the world, with it has headquarter in Switzerland. In 1866, the Nestle Company was established n Geneva by its founder Mr. Henri Nestlé. The company’s primary source of business is related with products mainly aligned with infant nutrition. However, the company even produces other products such as dairy products, frozen food, ice cream, chocolates, pet foods, maggi and others. Through the elegant quality of products, Nestle emerged as one of the leading health and Nutrition Company catering services to people across the world. Nestle has been successfully expanding its business all over the world through the elegance of its services and enormous amount of presence across the globe. Based on its performances, Nestle wants to explore its business in other countries as well. Hence, under this process of successful expansion the company projects a prospective expansion in Canada (Nestlé S.A, 2006).

Canada could be a prospective growth year for the company as it has a strong economic situation. Price stability is one of the important features of Canadian Economic Market. It has a secure business environment in which new company can easily adjust and contribute to the economy along with maintaining a sustainable growth for the company. Thus, keeping in view these unique features of the company in terms of its economic projections Canada can be considered as an influential destination for investing and even provides a huge scope for future trading (Baldwin & Yan, 2012).

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Need An Argumentative Essay On Congruence Model On Palm Inc Needs To Be 2 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Congruence Model on Palm Inc. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The marketing infrastructure is more responsive to Apple’s iPod and Blackberry products.

&nbsp.Palm is going up against some pretty fierce competition. The two major players are Research In Motion (RIMM) and Apple, Inc. (AAPL). To simplify the landscape, let’s say that RIMM’s BlackBerry products dominate the corporate market and Apple’s iPhone line dominate the “cool” or consumer market.

&nbsp.Smartphone Pre was positioned to be more of a consumer device like the iPhone rather than the corporate space. Although the Palm Pre is a great product the problem is that so is the iPhone. Apple marketing machine, the ecosystem of Apple products and iPhone integrate seamlessly. The iTunes and App Store allow the simplest and most robust media distribution to the iPhone. The result is not a good head to head matchup for the Palm Pre.

&nbsp.Comparing Palm as a company to Apple is not even close. Apple has multiple, fantastic product lines that are thriving and feeding each other (halo effect), where Palm has a single (for the most part) product that is going against the enormous challenging competition.

&nbsp.The Environment variable that has an impact on the organization is two competitive products in the market iPod and BlackBerry.

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Need an argumentative essay on Women driving in Saudi Arabia. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

There was also no freedom of religion to believe in whatever they wanted. Even Christians killed other Christians and prosecuted them for believing in a different church than the government. That is the reason why a lot of Christians found it better to live under Islamic rule in Andalusia, Turkey, or Egypt rather than live in their own medieval European country. The founding fathers recognized the problem early on and wanted to create a country where people can state their opinion peacefully, worship their God freely, and have many other privileges and freedoms. And they have succeeded. Benjamin Franklin, for example, wanted the House of Speakers to be a place for anyone, including Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, “Mohammadans” or Muslims, etc. to come and speak knowing that their freedom of speech and other rights are protected.

The U.S. Constitution was very well drafted to ensure the rights of everyone in the community. However, as I have now learned in my studies, it seems that people have been trying to manipulate the constitution in various ways. When the debate about whether or not to allow for a mosque to be built on Ground Zero New York New York came about I was shocked to see what this country has come to. Separation of church and state is supposed to be one of the strengths of the government, but recently it seems that is not the case. Even more so, it seems as if the problem is even worse. There seems to be a full blown religious war going on. Even though there are many churches all around the area, the proposition of building a much needed mosque by the private sector has sparked a heated debate on a whole other level. This is something that makes no sense. Believers would attend the mosque about five times a day, in comparison, believers would report to a church once or a twice week!

I have learned that the American constitution is valuable and appropriate for a country of many cultures like the United States, but