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Answer the following with reference to The Cask of Amontillado. There are multiple versions of the story available online but make sure you only use the version of the story in the link I have provided. DO NOT use any outside sources (other than the story) for this assignment.


1. What is the story about? Is the story understandable or too complex and why?

2. What is the thing that keep the story going? What is the tension/ conflict of the story?

3. Is the story too fast or too slow?

4. Describe the major characters in the story based on one physical and one personality description.

5. What are the stereotypes and break in stereotypes of major characters?

6. What is the Cultural setting of the story (any prevailing social/ political /religious conditions that affect/ influence the story

7. Do you prefer the internal narrator (Montresor) or the external narrator and why?

8. Mention the images or symbol used in the story (must have at least one human and one non- human) and explain what each one symbolizes.

9. What is the main theme of the story? Explain how you arrived at your answer.

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Negative Coping Styles Identify –

Negative Coping Styles Identify

Purpose of Assignment: To demonstrate an understanding of recognizing a client in crisis as well as providing education of crisis intervention techniques, including effective coping mechanisms, for a client in crisis.


This assignment will require the development of an educational pamphlet. Word or Publisher may be used to create/format the pamphlet.


As part of the outpatient clinic’s client educational tools, you have been asked to create a supplemental tool for clients who may be experiencing a crisis. In the form of a pamphlet, provide information regarding the following:

  1. Describe types of crises
  2. Signs and symptoms of those experiencing a crisis including a description of the levels of anxiety
  3. Describe coping mechanisms including examples of positive and negative coping styles
  4. Identify resources
  • Available community resources
  • Identify possible support systems


  • Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • Logical, original and insightful
  • Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format
  • Submit document through Grammarly to correct errors before submission.


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Previous Research Related –

Previous Research Related

research in social work should be carried out, recommendable, following the model proposed by scientific methodology. For this reason, the stages that must necessarily be fulfilled will be the following:

Problem Statement. Define and differentiate the object of study and the objectives.

Examination of previous research related to the topic.

The proposition of hypotheses and research questions.

Collection of samples or selection of cases.

Information collection.

Analytical stage. This implies the comprehension, interpretation, and exposition of the data.

Writing and dissemination of research and results.

Research should be based on: attention deficit in school children between the ages of 7 to 11 years to see their academic performance.



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Create Additional Diagnostic Challenges –

 Many assessment principles are the same for children and adults; however, unlike with adults/older adults, where consent for participation in the assessment comes from the actual client, with children, it is the parents or guardians who must make the decision for treatment. Issues of confidentiality, privacy, and consent must be addressed. When working with children, it is important not only to be able to connect with the pediatric patient, but also to be able to collaborate effectively with the caregivers, other family members, teachers, and school counselors/psychologists, all of whom will be able to provide important context and details to aid in your assessment and treatment plans. 


Some children/adolescents may be more difficult to assess than adults, as they can be less psychologically minded. That is, they have fewer insights into themselves and their motivations than adults (although this is not universally true). The PMHNP must also take into consideration the child’s culture and environmental context. Additionally, with children/adolescents, there are lower rates of neurocognitive disorders superimposed on other clinical conditions, such as depression or anxiety, which create additional diagnostic challenges. 

In this Discussion, you review and critique the techniques and methods of a mental health professional as the practitioner completes a comprehensive, integrated psychiatric assessment of an adolescent. You also identify rating scales and treatment options that are specifically appropriate for children/adolescents. 

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Occc Library Databases –


For this activity, you will update the annotated bibliography you worked on in Units 1 and 2. You will incorporate further research to support your creation of a  Toulmin Argument work

You will continue to use the same topic you used for your Classical Argument work and the Rogerian Argument work, however, you will expand the focus of your research in the following ways:

  1. to educate yourself about qualifying elements/limits on positions
  2. to expand the applicability of the issue to a broader audience/widen the scope
  3. to find further evidence to support/prove your sub claims
  4. to find evidence to support your warrants

You may continue to use any existing sources that are still useful to you; however, you must end up with a minimum of four sources that you will use in this work


  1. The topic used for your Classical and Rogerian Argument is the same topic you will use for the Toulmin Argument work Once you are familiar with the elements of the Toulmin model, you will need to do additional research to prepare to write this work
  2. Re-examine your existing annotated bibliography and decide where you need to do more research
  3. Use the OCCC library databases to gather as many additional sources as you will need, keeping in mind that you can continue to use any existing sources that remain useful for this work
  4. Add your new sources to the bibliography, completing the citations and annotations.
  5. Remove any sources you no longer find useful.
  6. use any topic to answer the questions above in MLA format in 24 hours, 100 words

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Required List Five Concerns –

Required List Five Concerns



Response is required
Response is required

What was your topic for your research/investigating?

Question #2


Response is required
Response is required

List five concerns one may have about the topic.

(i.e. I may have selected to look at being a market research analyst, so I may select to think about generational relations between Baby Boomers and Generation Z, why Generation X is overlooked, whether the Boomers should be blamed for “ruining the world” for Generation Z, or if Amazon is killing smaller retailers.)

Question #3


Response is required
Response is required

Do you feel strongly enough about one of these topics to do a presentation of a persuasive or argumentative nature about it? 

 Yes  No

Question #4


Response is required
Response is required
List four sources of no more than two of a kind that you anticipate using to build your argumentation. This means no more than TWO websites, so make them good! 

(Hint: Remember that CREDO Reference is a great place to start this sort of research, since it is a “one stop shop.”)



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Least Nine Slides –


Digital Presentation: Arguing a Position

So remember how I told you not to take a side in an argument about your research ? To save it for later? 

It’s later. 

For the final assignment for ENG 111, using your same topic and resources from your 2, generate a digital presentation  of at least nine slides that takes a side on an opinion associated with your topic and use your sources to defend your opinion.  You will still be responsible for MLA in-text citation and a works cited slide at the end. 

Let’s take the case of a student a few students in different scenarios for the research. 

  • We’ll call the first one Maia. Maia did her research about travel nursing. Maia may want to suggest that travel nursing is not a career that would be good for a single mother with school-aged children. 
  • Maia’s friend Katie also did her research about travel nursing, but she is wondering if travel nursing is a good idea right now in the age of COVID-19. How can Katie stay safe? 
  • Katie broke up with her boyfriend Cameron recently because he refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Cameron said he was overwhelmed about which vaccine to take, but why should he? He’s just turned 18. 18-year-olds can’t die from COVID, can they?
  • Cameron’s best friend Ben just can’t wait to go on another mission trip to Costa Rica as soon as COVID is done. Ben found out while doing his research that it’s recommended he not go to Costa Rica due to increased crime. Why has crime gotten bad in Costa Rica?
  • Ben’s girlfriend Carly wants to study sociology, so she did hers about enculturation. She found out enculturation means patterns of culture are obtained and transmitted, while acculturation means adapting to the culture. She has always wondered if substandard English is a result of enculturation or acculturation. 

Notice how all of these scenarios ended with an open-ended question. 

  • Maia could use the resources she found about travel nursing to see if they address how children of travel nurses would be accommodated. 
  • Katie could use her resources to see how travel nurses are protected against COVID-19. 
  • Cameron could use his resources to see which, if any COVID-19 vaccine has been effectively used on 18-year-olds. 
  • Ben could use his resources to find out why crime has increased in Costa Rica and what he could do to protect himself when he does get to go back. 
  • Carly uses her sources to decide that substandard English patterns are a result of acculturation. 

Maia, Katie, Cameron, Ben, and Carly all used the same sources for their research and final presentation because they didn’t have to find a new topic and their works cited was already done.

One more scenario for you: Carly’s friend Chloe did her research about cognitive heuristics, but she doesn’t want to do that again. Chloe’s friend Jason did his report about the Bahamas, and he thinks reporting about pirates or the environment is hokey.  They don’t have to “recycle” their topic if they are willing to do all the research for a new topic. 

But if  they’re not, they should probably e-mail their English teacher with help in finding a related topic to what they already have. 

Got it? Let me know if you don’t! 

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Twenty Become “ Pillars –

Twenty Become “ Pillars

Discuss this week’s reading. You can start with the questions below, but don’t feel limited to these. Make an effort to answer a question nobody or few people have tackled yet.

  1. Alexievich developed a specific process for gathering and shaping her material. She selects about one-hundred voices from the many people she has interviewed, and of these ten or twenty become “pillars,” whom she will interview many times (Masha Gessen, “The Memory Keeper” The New Yorker). Who are the pillars in Voices from Chernobyl?  What are the major thematic threads in their stories?
  2. Look closely at the shorter sections, which, many readers have argued, present a chorus of voices. What is the tone of those voices, and what themes emerge? Although these voices might at first seem disjointed, can you detect a method or logic in the way Alexievich has arranged them?
  3. Alexievich juxtaposes the voices of men and women, the old and the young, scientists and laypersons, humans and animals. Look for examples of such juxtapositions in the book. You might begin by looking closely at how the voices of the women compare to those of the men. What are the women concerned with? What do the men emphasize or ignore?
  4. In an interview with The Nation, Alexievich was asked, “How does one write a history of sentiments without being sentimental?” In her answer, the author differentiates between emotion and sentimentality. “For me,” she states, “emotion is a path toward self-knowledge, not just an occasion to cry.” Find at least one story in the book that illustrates this point.


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Feel Still Lie Ahead –

 Develop a written sales campaign for a product of your choosing. To support this campaign, you will develop three distinct types of written business communications. Select a product that you like or use. Using this product as a base, design and write the steps you would use to create a sales campaign presentation for your product that includes four components: write a minimum of two pages based on strategies with specifics related to the product you have selected. Include the elements below the presentation strategies for your sales campaign:

  • Describe the four common delivery methods of communicating ideas.
  • Recommend tips for speakers addressing the media during the campaign.
  • Recommend powerful visual and auditory aids to be used in the campaign.
  • Explain strategies that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the sales campaign message.

Second, you will write a minimum of a one-page business letter to your supervisor explaining your campaign.

Third, you will write a half-page memo to your co-workers announcing and outlining the campaign. Finally, you will conclude your project with a one-page summary of what you learned from this writing project. Use real-life examples of how you can apply what you have learned. Include in this section any challenges you faced in the activity or feel still lie ahead in your journey for improved written communication.

 Combined minimum total of four pages. 

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Christians Charge Poor People –

Christians Charge Poor People

In 400 words or more, answer the below statement using at least two scholarly citations, your textbook (attached), and a Biblical Integration. The citations must be in the current APA format.

Do you think the interest on payday loans is too high or just right? Should Christians charge poor people interest on loans?

Additional information:

  • “Now in case a countryman of yours becomes poor and his means with regard to you falter, then you are to sustain him, like a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with you. Do not take usurious interest from him, but revere your God, that your countryman may live with you. You shall not give him your silver at interest, nor your food for gain” (Leviticus 25:35–37, NIV).
  • Search the internet for “Microloans” or “Microcredit” and review the interest charged on these loans.


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