Breast cancer gene

Please pick two topics listed below and write about them. In what ways are they improvements to alternatives that exist prior to their development? 1. Breast cancer gene (BRCA1) – What is BRCA1? Describe why it is important? 2. Flavr Savr tomatoes – What is it? Describe what technology was used to improve the tomato? How do biotech products benefit man? 3. The Human Genome Project – Describe why is it important? How does it help for modern medicine? 4. The first cloned sheep Dolly – Who clone Dolly? Describe what transplantation method was used to clone Dolly. 5. AquAdvantage Salmon – What is it? What are the advantages of producing this salmon? Note:  Late assignments will lose 20% of their value per day late.  Assignments more than 3 days late won’t be accepted.  Format: No more than 1 page, essay/paragraph format (each topic should be half a page), 1.5 spaces, Arial 11 pts.  Search for scientific journal articles in Pubmed.  Your references should begin on a new page separate from the text of the essay