Decision making is a process by which we respond to opportunities and threats by analyzing the options and making determinations about specific organizational goals. James March and Herbert

Respond to these two secondary responses in your own words 1-2 paragraphs each. Citations are not needed. Please include a turnitin report. APA7thed format

Post #1

? ?Decision making is a process by which we respond to opportunities and threats by analyzing the options and making determinations about specific organizational goals. James March and Herbert Simon developed an administrative model (disagreeing with classical). Their model is based on bounded rationality, incomplete information, and satisficing. Since cognitive limitations constrain our ability to interpret, process and act on information, we are far from making the best possible decision. Information is never complete due to time constraints, ambiguity and uncertainty. The same piece of information can be interpreted differently by different people. Satisficing means searching for and choosing acceptable ways to respond. Just like in everyday life, at work we use our own experience and judgement.?

? ?If I were to follow the six step process in decision making I would break down the process in the following way:

Step 1: I recognized the need for a decision at my workplace when I need someone to be acting as a lead for my team, when I am not available. In the meantime several tasks have to be completed by the end of each week. I decided to choose several people from my team and train them so they are able to assist me in the future.

Step 2: generate alternatives. In my case alternatives are to choose one person or several for the developmental opportunity.

Step 3: assess alternatives. If I choose just one person other people from the team may feel discouraged and left out. One of the reasons to consider was providing developmental opportunities to everyone who is willing to learn. It is also impractical for me to rely only on one person because they may not be at work as well. I would still spend the same time and effort to train one employee as I would several.?

Step 4: choose among alternatives. I decided that it would be best to send an offer to the whole team and see who is interested.

Step 5: implementing the alternative.? After collecting statements of interest in response to my offer I have selected four people.

Step 6: learning from feedback. I scheduled a learning session with the four people I have selected. They are doing a very good job and learning in the meantime. I can alternate assignments between them and I can rely on them to do a good job.?

? ?Organizational learning is used by managers to improve employees desire and ability to understand and manage the organization and its tasks and the environment. I believe in the importance of promoting individual creativity at the workplace This is why I wanted to give the opportunity to everybody who is interested in developing their skills. A sense of personal mastery is very important at my workplace. We are continuously learning and have to be aware of any changes of the guidelines. This requires certain level of commitment to the job and making an effort to be successful. In order to improve my approach to decision making I will continue to develop personal mastery and promote team learning.?

Jones, G. (2021). Essentials of Contemporary Management

Post #2


I currently work in administration at work and my job can be overwhelming at times with the amount of task that I’m required to handle. When working in healthcare things change rapidly and often due to new guidelines, laws, and patient circumstances. Due to rapid changes, our team is required to be able to adapt quickly to get things done. Recently, we were given about three extra duties that require alot if multitasking. I noticed most of my coworkers began to complain but in knowing my goal is to grow, I made the decision to take on the challenge. Now I admit, I knew taking on the new task were going to be difficult but I tried to find the positive in the situation by realizing the more I learn, the more I can help patients and my team.?

The processes I use when making a decision is first observe what is going on. I listen first, take in all of the information that I am receiving, and then I weigh out what action would be best in that situation. Sometimes, it’s better to keep calm so you can weigh out the good and bad of a situation. I believe in focusing more on the positive and keeping my energy high. There is a way to express disagreement or concern without being combative. In my opinion, it makes a stronger work place environment. I also, use these tools in my personal life. These steps usually are successful for me.?

To improve my approach to decision making, I’m learning to be more vocal in my position. I’m fairly new and with learning I try to take in as much knowledge as I can, however, I also need to communicate more with my team. I have management experience and see alot of ways we could improve our operations but being the “new kid on the block”, sometimes less is more.? Plagiarism Free Papers

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