Explain the metabolic process of getting energy from light, storing that energy and then harnessing that stored energy. You do not need to include all the metabolic intermediates but remembe

biology report

the eukaryotic cell as a whole by describing the flow of macromolecules through the different organelles.
No less than 7 typed paragraphs (i.e. 7 or more paragraphs).
Evidence of proofreading (e.g. no spelling or punctuation errors, limited grammatical mistakes). – 2 pts
Required topics that you must address include:
(1-2 paragraphs) Explain how your understanding of the lifecycle of a cell, its subcellular structure and the flow of macromolecules has changed (i.e. provide specific, detailed examples of how this information influences your everyday life in a manner that highlights important course topics and themes). You may use this as an introduction and/or conclusion to your essay. – 3 pts
(1-2 paragraphs) Describe and draw a typical plant and animal cell highlighting their similarities and differences. – 6 pts
Include in your summary the names and functions of organelles and substructures that are similar.
Describe organelles and substructures that differentiate these two cell types and include the function of these structures.
Include a labeled diagram for a typical plant and animal cell.
For 1 organelle in each cell type, describe a possible evolutionary origin of that organelle.
(2-3 paragraphs) A specific eukaryotic algae (unicellular) exists in a local stream and is a photoautotroph. Explain how it obtains and harnesses the energy that it needs to perform all the cellular processes in order to survive. – 10 pts
Track the source of Carbon AND Energy in this algae.
Explain the metabolic process of getting energy from light, storing that energy and then harnessing that stored energy. You do not need to include all the metabolic intermediates but remember to highlight the major ones as discussed in class/lab sections.
Include the similarities AND differences in the electron donors, acceptors, reactants, intermediates and products between the metabolic pathways that harness and store light energy and those that convert macromolecules to regenerate the ATP needed to do cellular work.
Include the specific organelles and subcellular localization for each of these processes.
You may use diagrams to showcase metabolic pathways.
(2-3 paragraphs) A unicellular protist exists in a local stream and rapidly divides every 2 days to increase its population. Follow the life cycle of this unicellular animal cell from the G1 through S phase to track the way to maintains its genetic integrity and uses mutation to generate diversity. – 10 pts
Track the different macromolecules synthesized in these 2 phases and the metabolic pathways involved.
Include the subcellular location of each metabolic pathway and the role of the respective organelles.
Explain the role of semiconservative replication and mutation in the life cycle of this protist.
Integrate the following throughout your essay:
Include all of the following concepts: directionality of macromolecules (DNA, RNA, protein), genotype, phenotype, electron donor, electron acceptor, specific enzymes, bilayer (plasma membrane), transport, gradients, monomers, polymers, appropriate names of macromolecules. Although common sense language and straightforward explanations can be used throughout your essay, technical terminology should be spelled and used accurately. – 4 pts
COHESION: Although you have covered these topics of individual macromolecules and cellular metabolic processes separately in the first 2 reflection essays, this essay should cohesively tell the life story of a cell by blending those concepts.- 5 pts
Use standard formatting (i.e. 11-12 pt font, 1-1.5 spaced sentences, default 1 in. margins).
Maximum reflection essay length is 3 pages (.doc, .docx, etc.).
Citations are NOT necessary. Direct quoting is NOT allowed.
Upload your essay to this assignment as a .pdf file.
A reminder that reflection essays need to be in your own words (no quoting). Using wording from the textbook or other sources is plagiarism and will result in a 0 on the assignment.
Requirements: N/A

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