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Intro to Life Science – Week 2 Assignment

Virtual Tour of the Eukaryotic Cell

Chapter 3 introduces the organelles of the eukaryotic cell and explains their functions. You will create a virtual tour using PowerPoint explaining what you learned about four organelles.

Assignment Requirements:

·  Choose four organelles

·  Create a PowerPoint slide about each organelle including the following details:

o  Include an image

o  A description of its appearance and structures

o  An explanation of its function

o  Any additional important details

o  Include a conclusion slide and reference list

Use the provided templates below or create your own PowerPoint.  Cite any references that help you create the virtual tour.  Strive for 30-50 words per slide.


Intro to Life Science – Week 8 Assignment

Species on the Brink

Use the US Fish and Wildlife Service, your local conservation agency, or the UN’s Red List to create four different trading cards. Get creative and design own cards or use PowerPoint slides or use the template provided below. Include all of the provided information outlined below.

The four cards should consist of:

·  One Endangered Species

·  One Threatened Species

·  One Extinct Species (1600s or sooner)

·  One Recovered Species (removed from threatened or endangered species list)

For each card/slide should include:

·  Species name

·  Status

·  Distribution

·  Description of actions leading to decline

·  Recovery plan

·  Reference

·  Created by

For additional assistance, please use this template. You can also use this PowerPoint Template.

Please see attached templates

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