All dying in the shadow of God’s wrath converge to this from every clime and country.

When, whenever, while Exercises sieg panty A Circle the coordinating or correlative conjunction, underline the grammatical units which it connects, and classify the units as words, phrases, or clauses. 1. All dying in the shadow of God’s wrath converge to this from every clime and country. 2. A new noise stirs on this and new throngs gather. 2 3. Not only did I bear but also beheld it sparkle round about like iron. 4. Bury here and forever all hope of Paradise. 5. Neither rain nor river ever made a lake so widely spread abroad. 6. i I stumbled into darkness and went down. 7. Only those elements time cannot wear were made before me and beyond time I stand. 8. The sound was not new, yet it kindled in me a longing for its cause. bevol ! he nova" 9. Here you shall pass among the fallen people or lost souls. 10. Her eyes directed towards me and with that look of a mother on a delirious child. B. Underline the subordinating conjunction or conjunctive adverb and identify its use in the sentence. ont) 1. Hell will not receive them since the wicked might feel some glory over them. 2. Sounds of blows raised pandemonium as if a whirlwind sucked at sand. 3. Leaves in autumn loosen and stream down until the branch stands bare above its tatters spread on the rustling ground. 4. Master, what gnaws at them so hideously that their lamentation stuns the very air? molino> bos Lesson 4: Literature of the Dark and Middle Ages: Gems of Light 125

5. He put forth his hand to me as he led me through the gate of mystery with a gentle and encouraging smile. pibni of 6. He had never felt such acuteness before; thus, his mind was perturbed. 7. Though she reprimanded him, she gave a pitying sigh. 8. He might not have been filled with terror if Charon had not spoken. C. Using an appropriate conjunction, complete the sentences to show effective coordinat or subordination as indicated in parentheses. 1. (subordination, reason) The spirits turned pale with fear … 2. (coordination, reason) Abandon all hope you who enter here . . . 293519X3 3. (coordination, contrast) The depraved souls wept and cursed . .. witslanes to nobeni loop orit ela 4. (subordination, time) Beatrice stood all intent.. one atdanio mouo no flew 2’bod to wooerized ni garb lIA Language in Literature spirit no ente salon wan A The following are passages from a prose version of Dante’s Purgatorio translated by Eliot Norton. Circle all conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs and classify each accor ind: coordinating conjunction, correlative conjunction, conjuctive adverb, or subord onjunction. "When I had withdrawn from regarding them, . . . I saw close to me an old man alon aspect worthy of so much reverence . . . He wonhis beard long and mingled with white his locks, of which a double list fell upon h The rays of the four ho SO n had been in front." ( to

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