Also Use Organizational Behavior –

Also Use Organizational Behavior

  Deliverable Length:  4-6 pages 

Not only do managers oversee functional processes in company, they also have to manage people. Human Resources (HR) is the primary way that companies manage people and HR assists managers with areas such as hiring, training, employment law, performance management, employee benefits, and compensation. They also use organizational behavior principles to build positive employees relations. Reflect back on what you have learned in your program on HR and organizational behavior. Please review the following article on HR:

Then as a refresher, research both topics and answer the following questions:

  • You are a manager working with a recruiter to hire a new employee, what steps should you take to hire them?
  • Your new employee just started, how would you explain each area of HR to them?
  • What principles of organizational behavior could help you build your team?
  • What leadership theories and skills would you use to successful lead your team?

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