Cellular Clock theory

Late Adulthood: Theories of Aging

There are two broad categories that describe the theories of aging: programmed theories and cellular theories. For this assignment, please describe the inherent differences and similarities between the theoretical principles of programmed and cellular theories, and explain how the concepts in each of the categories below help to clarify the physical and cognitive changes experienced by older adults:

Programmed Theories:

·         Cellular Clock theory

·         Hormonal Stress theory

·         Immunological theory

Cellular Damage Theories:

·         Wear-and-tear theory

·         Free-radical theory

·         Cross-linking theory

Taken together, describe how these theories of aging help us to gain a deeper understanding of the late adulthood stage of development. 

Your assignment should be three- to- four pages in length (excluding title and reference pages), and should include a minimum of three references.

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