Choose one of the main topics from the table and then choose one (1) article for review under that main topic. Read the article chosen from the table below and answer one (1) of the topic questions li

Choose one of the main topics from the table and then choose one (1) article for review under that main topic.

Read the article chosen from the table below and answer one (1) of the topic questions listed.

a.  What methods can be used to assess nutritional status?b.  What methods can be used to identify those at risk for malnutrition?c.  What specific health conditions increase the risk of malnutrition?d.  What associations exist between nutritional status and healthoutcomes?e.  What type of interventions improve adherence to recommendations on nutritional intake?

Person-centered feeding care.

Article for review:

• Bell, C., Lopez, R., Mahendra, N., Tamai, A., Davis, J., Amella, E., & Masaki, K. (2016). Person-centered feeding care: A protocol to re-introduce oral feeding for nursing home patients with tube feeding. Journal of Nutrition & Health Aging,20(6), 621-627. https://doi:10.1007/s12603-016-0699-9.

Create a 2-3 page scholarly paper which supports the topic questionyou selected. Search for a current research article (less than 5 years) to support the topic question selected. The 2-3 page limit does not include title and reference pages

The paper must include the following headings (see rubric for criteria under each heading):

a. Introduction and Key Points (5 Points)• Choose one of the assigned articles located under the main topics inthe table above; selects and identifies one of the questions listed in 5a. – 5e.• Defines the topic and question• States why it is a problem• Information presented in logical sequenceb. Article Search (5 Points)• Conduct an article search – a good resource is the Chamberlain Library. If you start the assignment early, the library has resources/support to help find an appropriate article. • The article must be current (less than 5 years) and from a credibleresource (peer-reviewed or a reputable organization).• List the database that you searched and list the terms and methodsused• Number of articles located – this is the number of articles that showed up in the results list for the terms you used• Source outside of ATI module used – the article used cannot be the one that is listed in the ATI Nutrition Modulec. Article Findings (25 Points) – this is based on the article you found in 6(b)• How it addresses the main topic• Type of research conducted in the article selected (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, etc.)• Findings of research conducted in the article• Why this article was chosend. Evidence for Practice (25 Points)• Summary of evidence• How it will improve practice• How this evidence will decrease a gap to practice• Any concerns or weaknesses located in the evidencee. Sharing of Evidence (20 Points)• Who would you share the information with?• How would you share this information?• What resources would you need to accomplish this sharing ofevidence?• Why would it be important to share this evidence with the nursing profession?f. Conclusion (5 Points)• Summarizes the theme of the paper• Information presented in logical sequence• All key points addressed• Conclusion shows depth of understanding of topicg. APA Style (10 Points)• APA style used properly for citations• APA style used properly for references• APA style used properly for quotations• All references are cited, and all citations have references

*NOTE: Must adhere to current APA guidelines and formatting.

h. Writing Mechanics (5 Points)• No spelling errors• No grammatical errors, including verb tense and word usage• No writing errors, including sentence structure, and formatting• Must be all original work

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