Choose the issue for your paper from topics listed below.

In writing your paper, please follow these steps: 

  1. Choose the issue for your paper from topics listed below.
  2. Consult with the instructor if you cannot find the readings.
  3. Choose two works, one is the target piece, the other is a critical response, from the list of readings provided by the instructor. Other references are optional.
  4. Once you have read and wrote some notes summarizing these articles, you are ready to write.
  5. Begin by introducing the issue, dispute, or dilemma that you have selected for your paper. Imagine your reader is someone who doesn’t know what issue is all about.
  6. State the thesis of the target piece and summarize the reasons the author gives for it.
  7. State the objection or objections raised in the critical response.
  8. Provide your own critical assessment of the dispute (this should be a substantial part of your essay, since it is the most important element).
  9. If possible separate the parts of your paper with subtitles. At the very beginning you should have an Introduction, and at the end, a Conclusion.
  10. Your paper should have between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Please include a Word Count in the title page.
  11. Please include an Abstract of no more than 350 words at the beginning of the paper (this will summarize your Introduction).

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