Choose two of the content variables in achievement, and indicate how they are not supported in leisure.

You  are asked to respond briefly to two issues.  First, look at Figure 1 in the Booklet (p. 13). Note: I presented and discussed this figure in Classroom Session 1.  The figure contrasts achievement and leisure with content variables for each, e.g. obligation, orientation to time.  Choose two of the content variables in achievement, and indicate how they are not supported in leisure.  Example: You would not call an activity leisure if you felt forced to do it.  I ask you to comment on how the variables make people “feel” about leisure.  Note that you can misrepresent how you feel about achievement. e.g. You can act happy or motivated when you are not.  You know-“Put on a Happy Face.”  You would not fake your leisure.  The variables can illustrate the reason for your answer. e.g. If your participation is based on choice….., If you are not worried about a deadline…., If you can develop your own ritual…..

In the second part of the assignment, you are asked to comment on the use of degree.  If you tell me that you can make leisure into work or work into leisure, you will lose points.  The experiences originate differently.  We are capable of changing experiences by degree.  This means that they are dynamic and subject to modification (versus fixed).  In other words, just because you go to the zoo doesn’t mean you like it.  Just because you are at a party, doesn’t mean you are enjoying it.  One experience originates with choice.  The other experience originates with obligation.  Note that you can use each or all of the variables to change the experience. e.g. In the context of achievement (work), I can give myself or my employees more choices to make a task seem less like work.  In the context of leisure, I can allot myself more time (enough time) in order to get more enjoyment out of an activity.  This is called changing an experience by degree.  The concept of degree can make it difficult to understand what leisure-based behavior is because it is possible to make a leisure activity feel like work, e.g. People may be asked to do something in leisure they do not want to do. In golf, people are often grouped with people they do not know or like.  They are choosing to play (be at leisure), but the experience is diminished by degree.  When people goof off at work, it may look like leisure. It is work changed by degree.  Would they be at the office if they did not have a bill to pay?  What I want you to remember is to use the origin of the behavior to determine the label.

6 sentences or more

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