Describe specific research issues that are appropriate for each and explain why.

Please no plagerism these are discussion question need about one peragraph each… the subject is Research methods for criminal jusice and criminology has to be done 8/2/13 by 4pm eastern time 

1Deductive & Inductive Logic Contrast deductive and inductive logic. 

Describe specific research issues that are appropriate for each and explain why.

2. Chapter 3 Ethics 

Summarize the ethical agreements discussed in the text. Which one do you
think is the most important? Why?

3.Necessary and sufficient cause

Explain why causes that are both necessary and sufficient are difficult to identify in the social sciences.

4Reliability vs. Validity

Differentiate reliability from validity. Which is more important? Why?

5.Probability Sampling

Suppose you were asked by the principal of a local high school to do a survey of the student body. The principal believes it is sufficient to stop students on their way to the library and hand out the questionnaire. You argue for a probability sample instead. State your argument, and give at least two reasons why probability sampling might
be preferred.


Differentiate internal from external invalidity. Describe at least two factors contributing to each. Which one of the two–internal or external invalidity–is more serious? Why?


Why is a low response rate of concern in survey research? Why is response bias of concern? Which is a more serious threat to survey results and generalization–low response rates or response biases? Why?


Explain what Babbie means when he says that field research is not only a data-gathering activity but a theory-generating activity as well. Which is more important? Why?


Discuss the special problems regarding validity and reliability experienced by those who analyze existing statistics.


Explain why evaluation researchers find it difficult to employ the classical experimental design, which is best suited to establishing causality. Which designs are more typically used? Why?

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