Design a Test Blueprint

Assignment 3: Test Development Exercises

Part 1: Design a Test Blueprint

The Test Development Exercises will help you to gain insight into the systematic development of effective evaluation plans. The exercises will acquaint you with the process of designing tests to assess student achievement in academic and clinical settings.

For this week’s assignment, you will develop a test blueprint. Revisit the lesson plan that you developed in NSG6003. If you have not taken that course, search the Internet and locate a lesson plan in the nursing setting of your choice. Based on this lesson plan, you are required to develop a test blueprint for the learning outcomes that you expect your learners to achieve. You should clearly mention the goals, learning objectives, and the test elements for each of the learning outcomes defined in your lesson plan. Please see the example below to help you in constructing the Test Blueprint, using the stated formulas to determine how many questions will be needed in each Bloom’s Taxonomy cognitive domain for each objective. My lesson plan is on CAUTI (Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections)

Directions and Example

You need to include an introduction from your lesson plan from NSG6003, including the learning goal(s) and learning objectives or from a lesson plan located on the Internet. You need to state the number of test items for the entire test (minimum of 50 questions) then add the different test formats (multiple choice, T/F, essay, etc.) you will use for your test, then give an example of each of the test questions (not the entire test) that will be used to evaluate the different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the body of your paper.

You will also state and give an example of an alternative test method. For the test blueprint, you need to state the goal of the class, list the learning objectives (4), and use the formula at the top of the blueprint to determine how many questions will be needed in each Bloom’s Taxonomy cognitive domain for each objective.

You will need formulas, numbers, and calculations on your Test Blueprint (please show your work), no words, except for the learning objectives (4). You need to write example test questions with answers (correct answer identified with an asterisk) linking them to your objectives and the six domains of learning in the body of your paper. You need a title and reference page according to APA format.The assignment is to be uploaded to the drop box as only one paper not two.

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