Did you encounter any challenges because of your topic choice?

I need to write a REFLECTION paper

Write four brief paragraphs that reflect on your writing process throughout the term. Use the question below and the Research Essay


Reflect on the process of choosing a topic for your research paper

  • Did you encounter any challenges because of your topic choice?
  • Did you learn any surprising or interesting information?
  • Having read the research and reported the research, which side do you agree with and why?( I WILL SEND THE ESSAY YOU SHOULD HAVE TO READ IT)


  • Look back at your outline assignment (I WILL SEND THE OUTLINE THAT I DID)
  • How closely does your final draft follow your outline assignment?
  • If you made any changes, why did you make them? ( I did changes so I suggest you to read the outline and specified them)
  • How did they make your essay stronger?
  • Explain whether you found the outline to be a helpful tool and if you plan to use outlines in the future.


Think about the process of conducting research

  • Describe any problems or successes you had as you researched.
  • Did any particular search strategies work well?
  • Did any particular search strategies disappoint you?
  • Which Databases and search engines worked well? ( HERE YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE SCOLAR DATABASES FROM THE SCHOOL )
  • What were the major barriers in your search for balanced and credible resources?


What issues, challenges, or realizations arose as you drafted and revised your essay?

  • How much time did you spend on the revision process? ( HERE YPU SHOULD SPECIFIED THE TIME ,FOR ME WAS ABOU 6 HOURS RIVISIN)
  • Which revision strategies did you use ? (WHAREVER YOU USE)

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