DNA and RNA technologies


Although it may sound like science 2520, DNA and RNA technologies are already used in products today. In this discussion you will examine one specific product, organism, or technology in your initial post. Your replies will be written as questions or comparisons between your technology and someone else’s in the class. For full credit you need to post one initial post and reply to two of your classmates with a question or comparison.

You should spend approximately 2 hours on this assignment.


  1. Describe and illustrate a drug, an organism, or a reproductive technology based on molecular genetics. Do not repeat a classmate. (Please choose your topic by listing the topic in the title line of a post. You may then come back and complete the original post.)
  2. Make your initial post by the third day of the discussion opening to allow time for interaction. Your initial post should be between 75–100 words.
  3. Reply to two of your classmates. In your replies, compare, contrast, or appraise the drug, organism, or technology. You may make comparisons to your technology. Be sure your replies are at least 50 words each. Response posts should be made on at least two separate days.

See the Course Schedule and Course Rubrics sections in the Syllabus module for due dates and grading information. See the Grading and Evaluation section in the Syllabus module for general discussion expectations.

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