Assignment 1: Ethics

Your employer makes a show of promoting strong ethics, with regular training classes, posters in hallways and on bulletin boards, a toll-free hotline, and social networking links, etc. However, as the economy has slowed during the past several months, you have observed that the managers are not practicing what they had been preaching about ethics. They are encouraging employees to cut corners on product and service quality and squeezing suppliers by not paying their bills on time. This does not reflect the company that you had come to respect with their previous emphasis on business ethics. A new president of your company has just taken control and sees this breach in ethics and tasks you with creating a PowerPoint presentation to employees regarding the ethical policy points you want the employees to adhere to.

Checklist: Create a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Create a presentation to employees regarding the ethical points you want the employees to adhere to.
  • Your minimum 10 slides should be original work involving your company (or a friend or a relative’s).

Your 10 presentation slides should have 3–4 bulleted points per slide. Include any notes below each slide, and a title and references slide.

View the rubric. Follow APA format and citation style for in-text citations and the references slide. Submit your PowerPoint presentation to the Dropbox before the end of the unit.ID: AB299-08-10-A

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