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Introduction to Public Health Policy/Equity Problem Paper/Outline (20%)Complete a written paper (500-1000 words) following these instructions:Focusing on a health policy problem with health equity/social justice/human rights implications—aproblem that you will write about for the remainder of the semester—write a 500- to 1,000-wordintroduction to the topic, defining the problem, and identifying the health equity/social justice/humanrights concerns associated with the chosen problem, including root causes. The primary aims of thisAssignment are:1. To focus on a specific topic that you will continue to analyze for the remainder of the course2. To describe the size, scope, and severity of the problem using data and other evidence3.

Your problem should be sufficiently place-based to provide a context for the stakeholderanalysis and engagement assignment and to understand the policy-making mechanism you willultimately rely on. (If your problem is food insecurity, national, state/regional, and local problems willwork better, for instance, than looking at global food insecurity as convening stakeholders at theglobal level is beyond what most people will be involved with in their PH careers. Also, if HIVstigma is your issue, it should be somewhat circumscribed as to place because it exists everywhere,while the reach of effective policy action is generally more limited. A better topic would be, forexample, HIV stigma in Iowa or in Burkina Faso.)PUBH 748Rev. 2021-04-21 124. You may write in narrative form or submit in robust outline format.

Topic: Black Infant/Maternal Mortality Rates in Harris County, TX

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