Genetically engineered/modified foods

1. Genetically engineered/modified foods (GMO) – Research one of the GM products below which is currently on the market. Address the following questions/issues: What specifically has been modified with the product? How long has it been on the market? In general, is this product safe? Is there any way to know if you are eating this product versus the “normal” version? Should consumers be told they are consuming a genetically modified product? What do you think personally about these types of products? Would your position change if you were a vegetarian or an organic gardener or the owner of a major food chain? It is a requirement to properly cite per APA and use at least one source for your research.

RapseedSweet CornCotton Seed oil
SoybeansFlaxVegetable oil
Sugar canePapaya    Sugar beets
TomatoesSquash/ZucchiniDairy products
CornRed-hearted chicory (Radicchio)Vitamins

 2. Transgenic Animals – Research various transgenic animals. Pick one to investigate further addressing the following questions/issues: What is a transgenic animal? Which method was used to insert the foreign DNA? For what purpose was this animal “created”? Has it been successful? Is it currently being used to help humans? Also consider such aspects as animal suffering and animal rights. What if the animal contained human genes and ended up being consumed for food? Will this affect the overall genome of this creature in the wild? It is a requirement to properly cite per APA and use at least one source for your research.


 3. Cloning – Research cloning. Chose a specific plant or animal. Consider the following: How is the procedure done? What are the pros? What are the cons? Should it be regulated? Are there currently clones in the market now? Would a clone of a dead relative or pet have the same personality? Did anyone see the movie, “The Island”? Your thoughts? It is a requirement to properly cite per APA and use at least one source for your research.Do NOT use Wikipedia, Blurtit, Yahoo Answers or ANY open blog or ANY open source where anyone can post responses and the information is not verified.  These are unacceptable academic resources; be sure to use reliable sources of information and research carefully.

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