History of Epidemics in the Old World

We’re going to build on the Module 2 assignment “History of Epidemics in the Old World” to look at typical epidemics that we see in more recent times. We’re going to add onto the same template some of the more recent epidemics. Hopefully you will be alert enough to notice how the trends have changed in more recent years.  

Below you will find a list of epidemics that have affected the world population in more recent times, for example, since 1900. Choose 5-6 of these epidemics for further research. There are many to choose from, you can include as many as you wish, as long as you find at least 5.
– Cholera
– Spanish Flu (Influenza 1918-1919)
– H1N1
– Leprosy
– Diphtheria
– Ebola
– Dengue fever
– Measles
– Typhus
– Yellow Fever
– Tuberculosis
– Legionnaires
– Malaria
– Polio
– Whooping Cough
– TB
– Chicken Pox
– Lyme Disease
– Scarlet Fever

2. Build your chart on the Excel template:  Chart Epidemics in the New World.xlsxPreview the document .

Fill in the spaces with information that you find on the internet to give a historical perspective to the impact that these more recent epidemics may have had on the affected populations. If you can not find the information, type  “unkn” in the cell, but it will be reflected in your grade if you use the “unkn” option excessively. It may be easier to find information of the more recent epidemics, so you probably won’t have many blank cells. 

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