The presentation may be no less than 5 minutes, and no more than 6 minutes. The presentation must have at least 10 slides including the Title slide, but no more than 15 slides.

Slide 1: The first slide must be the Title slide with your name, academic major, date and a unique title that is not identical to that of the paper/s you have discussed. The title should be related to the main point that you intend to discuss in the presentation.

Slide 2: The second slide must be the Introduction slide that contains the main point or the purpose of your short presentation, as well as background information needed to help the audience understand the topic. I expect that you will select from the paper major point/points that you want to discuss; you are not expected to discuss the entire paper. For example, you can argue in support or against robotic drones based on the paper or additional materials that you have read on the topic. You should include a statement in the Introduction slide that explains why you think your point is important. If you need more room to prevent crowding you may use extra continuation slides as needed.

Next Slides:  Your next slide will be the Hypothesis slide where you briefly and generally describe the main hypothesis of the paper.

Next Slides: Your next slide will be the Results and Discussion slide where you present and discuss only the data that are related to your specific main point that you want to make; do not present data from the paper that have no bearing on your main point. You are free to read additional published materials to support your argument or arguments presented in the paper. You may use extra continuation Results and Discussion slides as needed. Please make sure you don’t exceed a maximum of 15 slides.

Next Slide: Your next slide should be the Summary slide where you 1) summarize your discussion, and 2) describe future work that could be done. You may use one extra continuation slide.

Final Slide: The final slide should be the Literature Cited slide that includes the complete reference for the paper(s) using the name-year format (http://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/DocCSE.html).

Please make sure that you do not exceed 15 slides.

Make sure that your slide show progresses automatically upon starting.  It is very important that you “test” your presentation after uploading to make sure that the presentation plays automatically with audio.  We will deduct 5 points from the final score for presentations that do not play automatically when started.

Here are some additional articles that may be useful to make your presentation.

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