Lateral Marketing Strategy”


Please respond to the following: “Brand Stretch Spectrum and Market Product Grid”
• Assess the importance of evaluating newly developed health care  products in order to determine whether the products should carry  existing brand names or whether they should be assigned new brand names.  Suggest realistic branding strategies needed for marketers to evaluate  newly developed health care products or services. Provide support for  your rationale.
• Use the Internet to research the product offerings of a local health  care organization. (Note:These offerings are often found on the health  care organizations homepage.) Based on your knowledge of your local  region, consider the potential markets for these products. With the  grid, you should, at a minimum, analyze the resulting market-product  combination. Determine whether or not the product offerings that you  selected are consistent with the perceived selections of the given  health care entity. Explain your rationale.


Please respond to the following: “Lateral Marketing Strategy”
•Assess the value of target marketing as an effective health care  marketing strategy. Appraise the degree to which vertical and  traditional segmentation help marketing managers use target marketing  strategies. Support your rationale with at least two (2) specific  examples of target marketing within a health care organization with  which you are familiar.
•Evaluate the impact of lateral segmentation in encouraging marketing  managers to look broadly at markets in order to identify previously  overlooked opportunities. Provide at least one (1) specific example of  quality initiatives within a health care organization.

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