Explain what happens during interphase (G1, S, G2) ?

Identify various stages of cellular division (if it is mitosis vs meiosis I vs meiosis II and which stage PMAT).

What are the difference between mitosis and meiosis (differences in PMAT stages)

identify if a cell is haploid vs diploid.

Identify if chromosomes are replicated and non-replicated


Be able to identify the origin of plants (whether they come from an Arid/Tropical/Temperate environment)

Explain how you were able to identify the origin (give examples of evolutionary adaptation the plants had to make to endure and thrive in those specific environments).


Explain how pollution effects our coast ecosystem. ?

Describe how you can help the southern California coastal ecosystem.


Explain relationships between predator and prey and how they can influence allele frequency changes per generations.

Be able to identify allele frequency changes within generations (….it will be obvious phenotypical changes…. they will look different!) 

Predator Prey 

Know how carrying capacities influence population growth. 

How would evolution (especially predator prey relationship) dictate carrying capacity… as well as allele frequency changes (be able to describe the relationship using the terms in VASR) 

Plant Reproduction 

Be able to identify the anatomy of a flower (know what the function of the anatomical parts). 

How do these parts play a role in pollination? 

Describe some techniques of SEED dispersal. 

What morphology aids in that type of seed dispersal (Example: coconuts are hollow so they can float on water to allow them to disperse via water). 

Why is seed dispersal important?

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