NURS 6218 Leading the Future of Health Care

NURS 6218 Leading the Future of Health Care

Develop and record a 10–15-slide, asynchronous, audiovisual presentation for policymakers, soliciting resource and policy support for the community health care system change you proposed in the previous assessment.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

Note: This assessment builds upon the work you completed in the previous assessment (attached below). Therefore, complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.


Nurse leaders must be able to make effective financial and policy decisions. Equally important is the ability to communicate their vision for change to policymakers and provide objective, evidence-based support for their position with respect to the regulatory, political, social, ethical, legal, and financial aspects of systemic change.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.


This assessment provides an opportunity to develop a presentation aimed at soliciting resource and policy support for the community health care change you proposed in Assessment 3 (attached below).


Assessment Instructions



Note: The work you complete in this assessment is based on the work you complete in Assessments 2 and 3 (both are attached below). Therefore, complete Assessments 2, 3, and 4 in the order in which they are presented.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.



The executive leaders at Vila Health accepted your change proposal and would like to move it forward. However, lasting change in a volatile regulatory and policy environment will require adequate funding and support from the applicable governing body or regulatory agency. Consequently, you have been asked to present the proposed change to policymakers to seek their support and funding for the change as an established policy for the organization and community.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.


To prepare for this assessment, you are encouraged to begin thinking about funding and securing policy support for lasting change. In addition, you may wish to:


Review the assessment requirements and scoring guide to ensure that you understand the work you will be asked to complete.

Review the Guiding Questions: Advocating for Lasting Change document linked in the Resources of this assessment, which includes questions to consider and additional guidance on how to successfully complete the assessment.

Be sure that your audiovisual equipment works and that you know how to record and upload your presentation.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

Note: Remember that you can submit all or a portion of your draft presentation to Smarthinking Tutoring for feedback before you submit the final version for this assessment. If you plan on using this free service, be mindful of the turnaround time of 24–48 hours for receiving feedback.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.



Develop and record a video presentation for policymakers from the appropriate governing body or regulatory agency requesting policy and financial support for your proposed change. Draw on your work in the previous assessments and consolidate lessons learned.


The presentation requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. The Guiding Questions: Advocating for Lasting Change document provides additional considerations that may be helpful in completing your assessment. In addition, be sure to note the requirements below for the presentation format, length, and for citing supporting evidence.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.


 Explains why proposed changes to a health care system require policy and financial support to ensure positive, systemic change and to overcome present challenges. Makes a well-argued and convincing case and articulates the assumptions that support the rationale for specific policy support.

 Provides compelling evidence that proposed changes to a health care system will produce the intended outcomes. A perceptive analysis of the evidence and its skillful application effectively strengthens the proposition for achieving the intended outcomes.

 Provides broad budget estimates to fund specific capital or human resource outlays that are important to the success of a proposed change. Captures key funding requirements and provides data and information that substantiate the budgetary figures.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

 Outlines a plan for leading transformational, evidence-based change in an organization. Articulates a clear vision and goals for change and provides a strategy for leading change, supported by applicable change theory and attentive to the effects on the organization.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

 Assesses the potential future for wellness, health, and improved overall care and the role of visionary leaders in achieving the desired goals. Acknowledges assumptions underpinning the future vision and justifies a chosen leadership style for driving change.

As a guide, explore the website of, linked in the Resources of this assessment.

 Cultivates stakeholder interest in and support for the proposed changes to a community health care system. Describes a clear vision for change that anticipates stakeholder concerns and acknowledges potential risks. Provides clear and explicit evidence for claims.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

 Develops error-free slides that augment a multimedia presentation. The slides effectively support and enhance the presenter’s main points and arguments, are appropriate for the audience, and adhere to visual design best practices.

 Argues persuasively to obtain policy and financial support from policymakers for a proposed community health care change. Delivers a professional, well-organized, and engaging multimedia presentation. Presents clear and convincing arguments independent of, but well-supported by visual aids. Style, content, and duration are well-suited to the audience and purpose of the presentation. Concludes with a concise summary of key points.

 Supports assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with relevant, credible, and convincing evidence. Skillfully combines error-free source citations with a perceptive and accurate synthesis of the evidence.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

Presentation Format and Length


Remember, you may use Microsoft PowerPoint or other suitable presentation software to create your slides. If you elect to use an application other than PowerPoint, check with your faculty to avoid potential file compatibility issues.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.


Your slide deck should consist of 10–15 slides, not including the title, questions, and references slides. Use the speaker’s notes section of each slide to develop your talking points and cite your sources, as appropriate.


Be sure that your slide deck includes the following slides:


Note: Your slide titles will depend on your choice of community and the specific content of your change proposal.


Title slide.

Title or name of your project (main focus of your change proposal).

Subtitle (optional), which could include Jordan or Armitage, if not part of the title.MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

Your name.


Course number and title.


Identify the stakeholders to whom you are presenting.

Social determinants affecting health in the community (may need more than one slide).

Synopsis of the windshield survey and environmental analysis findings.

Identify the positive aspects of the community.

Identify opportunities for improvement. Although your change proposal addresses these opportunities, avoid phrasing them as negatives.

Your change proposal—briefly outlined (may need more than one slide).MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

Benefits of the change to the community and stakeholders.

Challenges or concerns.

Address the implications for the community and organizational stakeholders, if these opportunities are not addressed.

Funding (may need more than one slide).

Include the financial implications for the community and organizational stakeholders.

Specify your funding needs (how much and for what)?

Community health implications (may need more than one slide).

Explain how the proposed change will improve the health of the community.

Address both direct or indirect benefits, as applicable.


Summarize key points.

Be sure to thank your audience for their time and consideration of your proposal.


Add a slide to prompt questions from the audience.

References (at the end of your presentation).MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.

Supporting Evidence


Cite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your presentation.


7th addition APA style


Additional Requirements

Upload your video presentation and attach the presentation slides, with speaker notes. MSN-FP6218 Leading the Future of Health Care.


Proofread your slides to minimize errors that could distract the audience and make it more difficult to focus on the substance of your presentation.


uploaded below: Powerpoint guidlines with grading guide, assessment 3 and assessment 2. Powerpoint is based off of assessment 3. Plagiarism Free Papers

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