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Using your Research Project: Annotated Bibliography Assignment and Research Project:Outline Assignment, you will work on the draft of a 10-12 page paper. The topic of the paperwill be selected by you and approved by the instructor. The paper must comply with theformatting and content instructions below.INSTRUCTIONSAt this point, you have selected your topic and it has been approved by the instructor. You are touse the references from the Research Project: Annotated Bibliography Assignment and thesections/topics from the Research Project: Outline Assignment to complete your ResearchProject: Draft Assignment. The draft paper should include the following:Format Minimum of 10-12 pages, double-spaced, not including title and reference pages Times New Roman, 12-point font (any of the fonts required for APA 7th edition) Left-justified only with 1 1/2 inch margins on the left side One-inch margins on the top, right, and bottom Current APA format (7th edition) Numbered pages Minimum of 10 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Must be less than 10years old (theses are the references used from for the Annotated Bibliography) Use block quotations for more than 40 words:o Single-spaced with a double space separating quoteso Indented 5 spaces from left margino No quotation marks Reference page in current APA format (7th edition) including active URL links (notincluded in page total) Double-space within the reference and single-space between referencesContent A title page that includes:o Running head and page number (right aligned) (Professional paper)o Course number and nameo Case nameo Your Nameo Date submittedo “Respectfully submitted to: (Instructor’s Name)” Abstract (left justified) Content of your topic and/or paper (review the associated grading rubric)o Concepts from the textbook that are related to your topic, including page numberswhere the concepts may be found.

Credit will only be earned for conceptssupported by text page numbers (essentially, this is accomplished throughBUSI 505Page 2 of 2integration of the relevant course content using properly formatted, current APAcitations).o Use current APA in-text citations to credit sources listed in the reference list asneeded Conclusion ReferencesPlagiarismPlagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism commonly occurs when the student utilizes anauthor’s words and does not properly attribute the source. All sources must be referenced. Do notcut and paste or copy unless you are directly quoting a reference. Purchasing papers of any formwill result in automatic failure for the course and a recommendation for expulsion.

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