Project on Wedding planning

Project on Wedding planning

The learner’s project plan may be large and complex. The purpose of the project plan is to meet the needs of the organization by accomplishing the task. Some organizations use the phrase, “setting the objectives,” while others may say, “defining the scope of the project.” Your Key Assignment includes using the parts of project management planning from Weeks 1–3 and applying to the following scenario.

Project Situation: planning a wedding

You are the project manager for the project you selected and identified in the prior assignments. (For project planning purposes) The project is scheduled to start next year on January 1 and to be completed by October 1.

Using your Office Project software, sketch out your action plan. Use the action plan to develop the work breakdown schedule (WBS) as follows:

Create a list of between 5–10 major deliverables that need to be undertaken and completed, in the general order of how they would occur. This is Level 1 of the action plan.

Next, break out each of the Level 1 deliverables into 5–10 activities. This is Level 2 of the action plan. Then, break out Level 2 items into smaller activities. This is Level 3 of the action plan. Keep going with continuous sub-level activities until there is no reason to continue. Depending on your project, only 2 levels may be required for a particular deliverable, so not all level 2 activities are expected to be broken out into level 3 activities.

The budget has not yet been established. Include the following:

·        Deliverables

·        Responsible individual or department

·        Contractual commitment

·        Planned versus actual completion dates

·        Milestones: planned and actual

·        Progress: planned and actual

·        Add the organizational chart that you developed.

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