Question 2 Describe Housing –

Question 2 Describe Housing


should be four to five sentences or around 200 words each. 

  1. Question 1 Explain reasons for elderly dissatisfaction with housing, including personal choices, financial changes, increasing maintenance, urban blight, and the desire to purchase leisure.
  2. Question 2 Describe housing options for the elderly and their positives and negatives, including aging in place, downsizing to a smaller home, adult day care, granny units, shared housing, adult communities, retirement cities, and assisted-living and continuing care retirement communities.
  3. Question 3 List some changes that can occur late in life, affecting living arrangements. How many positive changes? In what way? How many are negative changes? In what way?
  4. Question 4 How do you see yourself living in old age? What would be your ideal living environment?


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