Reverse Promoter Region Coding –

Reverse Promoter Region Coding

Search the gene belonging to the accession id you selected in week 2. Use both Ensembl  and UCSC genomic browsers to get these genomic/sequence features.  

  • For transcript information including UTRs. provide: 
    • Chromosome
    • Gene location
    • Coordinates (exons and introns) these are positions in the sequence 
    • Total exon count -> state if this was the same as what you retrieved from NCBI. Note it could be different because it is a different organism. 
    • ORF Strand: some tools present with signs such as -/+, others will state positive/negative or forward/reverse
    • promoter region
  • Coding Region 
    • Coordinates (start and end sequence positions) 
    • coding exon count (this may differ from the total count). 
    • positions for coding exons

Compare and contrast the level of information provided by the two genomic browsers against each other and against the information you were able to get from NCBI resources 


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