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EDU 469 & 669 Teacher Interview Template

Teacher Interview:  Interview a special education teacher that teaches students with intellectual disabilities (not learning disabilities). Use the questions provided here for this assignment.  It would be wise to interview the teacher whose classroom you observe in for the Student Observation assignment.  Place responses in dropbox.  (20 points)

1.                 What are the various types of disabilities in your classroom(s)?

SLD( Specific Learning Disability), Autism, ID (Intellectual Disability)

2.                 What are your most significant challenges in working with students with intellectual disabilities?

The most significant challenges are behaviors and when a student decides to shut down without a response. 

3.                 Describe the materials and resources you use to incorporate functional skills into the curriculum.

iReady materials are readily available as well as FCRR.org (Florida Center for Reading Research)

4.                 Describe assistive technology tools used in the classroom.

I use the Promethean board a great deal in my classroom for interactive activities.

5.                 What assessment tools do you use to adequately assess whether students are making progress?

6.                 To what extent are your students included in the general education classes?

7.                 Do your students participate in non-academic classes (PE, music, lunch, art, etc.) with students without disabilities? 

Yes, all students attend PE, Music, Art, Library, and lunch with their homeroom class. 

8.                 What is your opinion of the alternate assessment requirements for students with significant cognitive disabilities?

9.                 Describe your student’s access to community-based instruction.  (You may have to define this procedure for the teacher as learning and practicing functional skills in the community setting.)

10.             Design a question of your own to ask the teacher being interviewed.

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