The project entails the creation of a new health informatics service or product which is taken through at least one cycle of planning, implementing as a ‘beta’ product and evaluating. Examples of such services might include (but not be restricted to): an iPhone app. The work is assessed by submission of a portfolio of evidence which critically analyses the above stages, equivalent to 4,000 words. Code blue (mobile app) Background : ? Overview (100 words)

New Health Informatics Service or Product

The project entails the creation of a new health informatics service or product which is taken through at least one cycle of planning, implementing as a ‘beta’ product and evaluating. Examples of such services might include (but not be restricted to): an iPhone app. The work is assessed by submission of a portfolio of evidence which critically analyses the above stages, equivalent to 4,000 words.
Code blue (mobile app)

Background :

? Overview (100 words)
– history ( history of health sector mobile apps & health electronic systems)
– Current solutions ( pagers, Tannoy systems, smart devices (( e.g., Vocera)) and their limitations. ( look at page No: 8 in this doc)
Methodology: ( 100)
Survey ( using survey monkey) sent to more than 80 professionals (Doctors, Nurses, hospital directors, medical directors): 36 responses received.
The survey was aiming mainly to measure the acceptance of the idea and to decide the platform on which the app will be designed ( ios or Android or Microsoft).
Introduction (250)
– Technology revolution & proper utilisation.
– Availability
Aim & objectives (100)
– Cost reduction
– ? Mortality & morbidity
– ? Time to gather the team members
– ? Quality of care
– ? productivity

? Stage one: The Concept/ perception/ Idea (75)
Literature review ( 400)
– Mobile apps in healthcare
– Sustainability of mobile apps
– Patient data privacy.

Feedback ( 300 words) : this stage the feedback was via a survey.
See the graphs (screenshots) provided down here: ( here it is required to analyse the feedback (graphs) and discuss it as initial feedback on the idea.
Reflection (250)
– Reflective writing on the first stage (main points):
– Had to create a survey to decide which platform.
– The acceptance of the idea.
– Supervisor support.
– Any point you think will be good as reflection on the first stage.
? Stage two: Virtualisation (75)
At this stage I made an app map to clarify my idea for the professionals to get their feedback. (see down the contents of the site map and the brief description:
Mobile App
Name: Code Blue
All hospitals around the world deal with life threatining situations, where all the professionals who are involved in these situations must gather immediately at one place to provide the necessary healthcare. To achieve a fast response from all emergency team members, an effective communication channel must be initiated within these sites.
Current Solutions & limitations:
1- Pagers
Pagers are used widley, they require users to carry extra device in their pockets.
They come in different features, the basic principel is to page all involved team members with specific code that in some situations require them to call a number to get more info about the location and the current status. This process requires extra time which is must be minimized in such situations.

2- Customized digital communication devices: Example: (Vocera)
Used in some hospitals as well as in other industries. They require carrying extradevice. Limited capability in term of details about the cases. In addition to the high cost associated with these devices.

3- Internal communication system:
Announcement through the hospitals speakers from a central location about the type of the emergency case. The main issue is that these speakers are not availabe at all locations within hospitals. Additionally, such aanoncement could panic patients who are familiar with these codes.

Code blue:
A mobile application that can do all preivious features and extras without carring extra devices.
Users can get immidiate notifications about any cases at any location with brief/detailed information about the case. It also enable the team leaders to access the location of all members and the estimated time to arrive. It also notify the second response team members about the case ( if they/ one of the first response team is not in the range or not going to arrive on time).

Literature review (400)
– Connectivity
– Availability
– Cost effectiveness
– Patients safety: Mortality & morbidity

Feedback (400): the feedback was through email.
See the responses down for feedback stage 2:
My message:
Dear Medical Directors/ Doctors/ Nurses/ Health Informaticians

As a part of my study (MSc of Health Informatics), I am required to create a new health informatics service or product which is taken through at least one cycle of planning, implementing as a ‘beta’ product and evaluating.
I actually chose to create a mobile app that can replace current solutions that are being used now for announcements, alerts and calls for life threatening cases within hospitals (i.e. Strokes)..
The application initially will be only for Code blue cases, that’s why I have chosen this name for it..

The attached file will demonstrate the idea of this application. Kindly, have a look through it and I will appreciate your feedback about it through these points:
1) limitations of this app from your point of view.
2) Suggestions for overcoming these limitations.
3) Areas that needs to be modified or altered.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated..

Their Feedback:
(See next page )

Thank you

The app that replaces pagers we are using now at our hospital is a great idea. we always forget pagers on rounds and after some procedures. I would like to draw your attention to a significant issue that could be an obstacle which is the connectivity within the hospital. In our hospital for example; we don’t have WIFI service, so it is required to be installed prior to using this app. this will be extra cost for hospitals that does not have WIFI.
Another point is the mobiles are sometimes on silent mode or switced off so the notifications could be missed.

that are all what I thought about.

Good luck
Medical doctor, Emergency Departement

Thank you for involving me in your project…

I have looked at the attached file and found this app is interesting. However, I have some comments that you may consider.
Firstly, you should consider designing the app for most popular smartphones platforms: IOS, Android and Microsoft. Secondly, pay a high attention to the user management part. This part is significant, any error could lead to a wrong notification sent to a wrong person. Finally, is it possible to make the input of FRT timetable into the application electronically? (through excel from for example).

Good luck with it and we are waiting for this app to go live…


Health Informatician


Hello colleague,

The app looks pretty much clear, and goal of it seems effective in term of time and and fast response.

I have few concerns for you to consider:
1- covering other codes in a hospital setting (wether you prefer or not )
2- having a backup plan in case of mobile is out of service, lost, or not available with personnel due to sensitivity of machines in an area.
3- If you could integrate patient’s monitor to the app to predict life threatening situations to alert the user before announcing the code to be ready for possible code.

Think of those points if you wish to consider what’s suitable for better managment and functionality of your app .

It does look great though..
Best of luck,
sorry for the delay.

In-charge Nurse
Cardiac Surgery

I like that, I really do.. I can easily replace my pager with an app in mobile. Can you include the schedule of the routa so I know when I have to sign in without looking for the physical piece of paper for our shifts?. and some times we change our shifts in between so we swab the pagers. but we cannot swap phones. so can I edit the name of the doctor who is on duty manually? or who will be in charge of doing that?

thank you, you are a creative person as I know you, please do this quickly, I can’t waite until I get rid of my pager :-(.

best wishes
Medical Doctor
Medical Director, O.B.Gyne Consultant.

Dear colleague

Thank you for your invitation to participate in your app evaluation…
I have to say that the idea is great and sustainable. However, the downtime is a concern in mobile based solutions so put that in your mind.
Further, as you know, some of our colleagues do not have smartphones especially the senior doctors. So consider that as well.
Finally, how I will get a notification in case of turned off mobile?

Overall, the app is amazing, I like it … Good Luck


Medical consultant, Head of Medical Department

Thank you

It looks brilliant idea, and it could save a lot of time for FRT gathering. From my point of view, the only thing that I would consider is the accept/ reject options. You may adjust any delayed response as reject to accelerate the process. Since, there are some situations where we can not (as team members) response to such notifications while working on other procedures.

Another time, I would encourage you to further for this idea…

Specialist Anaesteasiest
KSMS- General Hospital

Thank you,
The idea sounds good. Here are my concerns about it:
1- connectivity issues.
2- Security of the data.
3- the price of the service. Is it per user or organisation?
Additionally, do you have a demo version of the application?

With best wishes

E.N.T Consultant, PhD
Medical Director
A face to face meeting was made with Dr. Abdulmohsen: anesthesia specialist.
** Dr. Abdulmohsin Suggested that ‘’ reporting arrival’’ should be done through both team members and charge nurse must confirm.
** he claimed that smart phones are not available for all practitioners. How ever, the survey above shows that 100% have smartphones.
** alert notification setup must be can not be put on silent
**what if there was no signal / turned off mobile.
** Visitor doctors / (location : floor, wards); sitemap within the app.
** Tannoy system ( in charge person of tannoy system must be involved to be aware of all codes announced.
** will the pagers will be getting rid of?

Thank you for involving my, and sorry for the delayed response.
As an incahrge nurse in Emergncy departemnt, I find this app with this design as the future of the such services. However, I suggest that the app should be compatible with both smartphones and tablets. Because in our hospital we are using Ipads in Nursing stations.
In addtion to that, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that signal in some spots of the hospital is weak so we might have some connectivity issues unless if it connected to the hospital Wifi.
Finally, I think that not only the incharge nurse who should be responsible about calling for code but all the professionals with some regulations.

Nursing supervisor
Emergency department

Reflection (300)
– Delay responses via email compared to the survey.
– Had to send reminder to some of them 3 times.
– Started to learn how to prototype an app.
– Used website
– Used Youtube to learn how to design and prototype.
– Anything you may come with.

? Stage three: Application (prototype) (75)
These are a screenshots of the prototype:
( only some Screenshots will be included in the paper. So please don’t name them as figures within the paper at the first draft.

Literature review (400)
– Ethical consideration
– Quality
– Accessibility
– Downtime & system errors.
Feedback (300):
– You may made this feedback up as it was taken face to face with :
(consider the connectivity, usability, accessability) as the major aspects, as they were solved after the previous feedback.
Consider the following positions as the participants:
– 2 Medical Doctors
– 2 Surgeon’s
– 2 Nurses
– 2 Medical directors
– 2 health informaticians
Or you may use the Email feedback (the second stage feedback) in some parts if needed.

Reflection (300)
– Prototyping
– Testing
– recommendations

What is next? ( something to end the paper with ) ( 150-200 words)
I don’t know how to end this paper with, as the supervisor does not want to see a conclusion so you may think about anything like summary or future development or the app go live after testing …etc. anything to end with.
Word count is 4000 words
References: 30-40 references
In-text citation is only in literature review parts. Or where it should be stated.

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