Title your post with the name of the film viewed for this genre. Then, write a t

Title your post with the name of the film viewed for this genre. Then, write a two or more paragraph response to this DF question and begin each paragraph with a topic sentence. Do reflect the readings in your response. ENG 304 is an English department course; therefore, all work should be edited with care. The minimum length of submissions is 400 words. As well, be certain to respond to one classmate’s submission.

The key issue in writing these two paragraph essays is to ensure that you have one sentence, the thesis sentence, that states the goal of your response in the first paragraph.

As well, make certain that each successive paragraph begins with a topic sentence that links back to the thesis sentence and that states the goal of that particular paragraph. Now, make certain that each succeeding sentence in that paragraph in some way ties into that topic sentence.

Obviously, if the paper has an introductory paragraph, it must also have a concluding statement that, in some way, echoes the thesis sentence, and which might make a prediction for the future or, summarize the paper itself. And, do use the name of your chosen film as the title of your essay.

Please also add: Action scenes are used to shape audience understanding of, and the development of, the main character; to move the plot forward; and, at the film’s end, define the outcome of the protagonist’s journey to successfully prevail against seemingly overwhelming odds.
do not just add the sentence word for word please incorporate it in the essay

Please use the movie Spider-Man 2002

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