Transportation costs

In this module you will prepare a report that discusses the pricing and distribution strategies. Research the following topics for the latest information concerning issues, trends, and potential impact to your client and relate them to the concepts and theories from the text. This information will serve as part of your marketing report to your client so you want to approach your paper with that objective. Keep in mind that you are building a case for a specific marketing approach so all of the information that will support this objective is your goal in this report.


  1. Pricing Strategies should include but are not limited to the following:

    *   Legal restrictions

  • Transportation costs
  • Distribution costs
  • Competition
  • Discounting
  1. Place/ Distribution Strategies should include but are not limited to the following:

   * Specialty retail stores

  • Department stores
  • Mass merchandisers
  • Online sales
  • TV sales
  • Statement stuffers
  • Promotional sales
  • Home parties

Be sure to support your positions with the appropriate references, articles, and citations. You can seek help if you face any difficulties

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