What are schemata and scripts?

  1. What are schemata and scripts? How are these developed? How do they help us or cause problems for us?
  2. What is impression management? The textbook describes 7 different purposes for why we use impression management (to be…). Describe at least two of these and how you personally use them.

here are 2 out of 7 the book states (To confirm Self image-image confirming strategies, and TO be followed Influencing )

5.Describe a time when you showed empathy or someone else showed you empathy.

  1. According to the article Listen Upfrom the AZ Republic (found inside module #2 or click on theLINK), what is the major challenge to listening and how can we over come it?
  2. What is a statement of specific purpose? Provide a statement of specific purpose for an informative speech on the topic of active listening.
  3. What is the purpose of a relate statement? Provide a relate statement for an informative speech on the topic of active listening.
  4. Describe the purpose of a high impact technique and give three examples of high impact techniques.

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