What keeps us so similar even though adaptations to local conditions have occurred? *

(2pts) A postfertilization barrier to reproduction has what result? * (1 pt) What do a butterfly, a tree, and my uncle Fred have in common? *(1 pt) Populations that change due to genetic drift *(1 pt) The combination of all traits that allow organisms to survive with the potential to produce viable offspring is called: *(2 pts) Natural selection: *(2 pts) How does polyploidy cause reproductive isolation? *(2 pts) The Hardy-Weinberg Equation is an important part of the study of inheritance and ultimately, evolution. If their assumptions don’t apply for a specific trait in a population, then what could be a possible consequence? *(1 pt) Evolution that occurs as a result of a dramatic reduction in population size is called *(2 pts) Biological _________ are groups of individuals of the same _________ that are subdivided from other _________. *(2 pts) Which of the following is NOT a part of the theory of natural selection? *(2 pts) Your friend was diagnosed with strep throat 2 months ago. She was treated with antibiotics for 10 days, but 2 weeks after treatment, the symptoms returned. She was given a different antibiotic and her symptoms improved again, initially, but then got worse. What is happening? *(2 pts) After a rapid change in climate, one population of bird quickly adapts to the change, but others in the area do not. What could you conclude about the quickly adapting population? *(1 pt) When a population of organisms is evolving, what can you be sure is happening? *(2 pts) What would happen if a mutation created a new allele that decreased fitness? *(1 pt) Assortative matings have what effect on populations? *(1 pt) Many lines of evidence suggest that human populations aren’t distinct races. What keeps us so similar even though adaptations to local conditions have occurred? *

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