Literacy events in school are rule-governed social contexts that have embedded values, identities, and symbols of the social world. The social roles and images circulated in school texts are

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Literacy events in school are rule-governed social contexts that have embedded values, identities, and symbols of the social world.
The social roles and images circulated in school texts are not natural or inevitable, but can be interrogated.
Critical approaches reposition teachers and students to deconstruct dominant selective traditions in schools and society, particularly in the complex textual and multimedia environment of navigating and remixing digitally mediated texts (42).
Ideology is meaning making that supports forms of domination. All thoughts, acts, uses of language, and social relations are inherently ideological (43).
Ideologies often have an historical origin, so that over time, they become invisible or naturalized by groups and individuals, rather than challenged (44).
Literacy is ideological because people master the codes and conventions of their communities, which have differing degrees of alignment with the literacy practices valued by the dominant, white culture (44).Take one concept from the reading and convert it into an image. That is, translate the words you have read into an image that captures the ideas as you understood them through reading. For example, how would you draw the idea of literacy, or knowledge, power or access, so that another person could understand the concept from your image without reading the text. You can take a photo of your image or use an app or program to create it. You don’t need to worry about being creative or clever. Stick figures are fine, or you can do more if creating images appeals to you.
Critical literacy provides a way of interrogating educational institutions, such as colleges and universities, to address the risk of becoming uncritically implicated by the capitalist agendas, power relations, and hegemonic relations that dictate educational markets, distorting educational research and values, and diminishing equity and social justice for those who have been historically marginalized by structural inequality that over time has become naturalized (54).
The literacy practices that occur in universities, their logo-centrism, and the integration of digital technologies for delivery of knowledge, can be viewed as institutionalized processes to mass markets that often center on transmission, due to their economy and efficiency (54).
Technologies are often offered to students as different ways of achieving the same reproductive ends, consistent with the selective traditions that have historically dominated institutions (54).
That is, online education is offered as both equivalent in content and delivery, but then it also functions as the equivalent in the ideological, socio-cultural context that makes the literacy practices a site of power and agency, which critical literacy can interrogate.
Upload your image to the discussion board to share with your classmates. How do you feel about sharing it? What it was like to turn a written text into a visual image. What kinds of thinking/analysis skills did you need/use? In what way did the process add to your ideas/thinking/understanding of the concept you chose to interpret? How might this kind of translation process help you process information in other professional or personal contexts? That is, what other kinds of texts can you visualize in an image to gain deeper understanding or an alternative perspective?
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