Also Attached 3 Files –

Also Attached 3 Files

Part 1:

Watch the link I provided above about Amy’s story. I also attached 3 files 

Think about what you learned from Amy’s situation & without re-telling her story,   discuss  how you think we can help change the ending for other victims based on what you have read in this class thus far-  

Be specific- 

In other words, do not just write   “we need to educate people……”   or “We need to provide  resources or workshops”  Those responses are too vague-  Instead, discuss specifically how you think we would go about doing  that. – 

****Keep in mind that It may not be realistic for some of these survivors to go attend a workshop without their partner knowing

Part 2:

Attach a theory to Amy’s story and provide a valid explanation as to why that theory fits this situation, by referencing info. from the video and the theory.  (Refer to Ch. 2 for theories) I have attached chapter 2 in the files Please Get a Theory from Chapter 2, which will provide a valid explanation as to why that theory fits Amy’s situation.

DO NOT Provide more than 1 theory (Just 1 with a detailed explanation of theory’s validity to this issue)

Your response should be 1 paragraph max for each part!


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