SHOWCASING YOUR KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES Week 2 Assignment – Showcasing Your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Overview Now that you have been assigned a role on the team, it


Week 2 Assignment – Showcasing Your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


Now that you have been assigned a role on the team, it is your responsibility to make the Project Manager aware of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you bring.Locate a job posting on,,, or other job boards and read the description of the position. This can be the same one you identified in the discussion for this week. What skills do they specifically call for in your area of expertise? These should sound familiar. This will give you an idea of what real employers are looking for now in your discipline.Take some time to review previous assignments submitted during your time at Strayer or even deliverables you may have submitted while on the job during your time at Strayer, focusing specifically on the pieces that relate to your area of study. Take notes as you review to use to inform your assignment submission.


Use the provided Word Document Template to prepare a 1–3 page memo to the Project Manager showcasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities you are bringing to the team. Be sure to provide the following:

  • A high-level overview of the key requirements and duties of the job you have just taken with the new company. This can be taken from the job posting you identified in the discussion for this week. The overview you provide should be consistent with what is emphasized in the job posting.
  • A URL to the job posting for your position. Be sure that this is a persistent link and a current posting—not one you have used in a previous assignment. Again, this can be the same one you posted as part of the discussion for this week. 
  • Explanation of why you are a good fit for this project. You can expand on what you submitted in the discussion for this week. This is your opportunity to reference specific experiences that make you uniquely qualified for this role on the team. Be sure you also include an explanation of why those experiences are relevant to the position.
  • A list of any certifications you have. If none, list any specific accomplishments you have achieved relevant to the project or that would demonstrate the skills that certification might demonstrate. Be sure to include a brief explanation of why the certification or accomplishment is relevant to the job and/or your role in the project.

Write the memo as if you are responding to questions from the PM on what they can expect from you on the project. 

Creative people make a logo and paste here If you’re not creative, you can just put your fictitious organization’s name here


To: <Your Project Manager’s Name Here>

From: <Your Name Here>

CC: <Anyone else who gets a copy here>

Dear <Your Project Manager’s Name Here>. Thanks for the invitation to this team. Here is the information as I understand it:

CEO: <CEO’s Name Here>

CIO: <CIO’s Name Here>

Cybersecurity Specialist: <Cybersecurity’s Name Here>

Networking Specialist: < Networking’s Name Here>

IT Project Management Specialist: <ITPM’s Name Here>

Data Analytics Specialist: <DA’s Name Here>

Software Development Lead: <Software Dev Lead’s Name Here>

Our organization

<an overview and history/background of your fictitious organization. Follow the instructions on what to talk about here 1-3 paragraphs>

My Expertise I bring to the team

<Your Role on the team and what you will be doing. This is an overview of what you’ve learned at Strayer in your concentration. Be specific about how your interaction will serve the project you envision 1-2 pages. Be specific about what you learned in your classes.>



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