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Movie Time—Reign over Me 

Various types of crises are frequently depicted in films, sometimes accurately and sometimes very inaccurately. For this option, I have chosen a film that shows an individual in a transcrisis state, meaning that his current reality is affected by an unresolved crisis. Some things to ponder as you watch: Are the depictions in the film of an individual traumatized by a past event an accurate portrayal of what occurs in such a situation? What factors have contributed to the prolonging of the crisis? Has anything helped the individual? 

· You will be graded on your ability to give an in-depth analysis of evidence that supports or refutes your reaction to the work. Students will find and cite at least two other sources that support or refute their reaction. For example, the work you chose advocates for a confrontational style that you find to be uncomfortable. In the previous section you discussed your discomfort with treatment of an individual in one of the movies. In this section you discuss whether evidence backs this method of treatment as effective or finds it to be harmful. As another example, you may feel that the work you have chosen ignores an important aspect of assessing or treating a particular type of psychological disorder. In this section, you would provide evidence that the factor you consider to be important has been found to be an central consideration in assessing or treating this type of mental health issue. 

Reaction (Should range somewhere between 1-2 pages)

Analysis of Psychological Concepts (Should range somewhere between 1-2 pages)

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