How Does the US Constitution Affect Business and the World of Entrepreneurs?

Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document, with a minimum of 300 words, APA formatted and 5% similarity.Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source 2 citations to support your work.

How Does the US Constitution Affect Business and the World of Entrepreneurs?

Our Founding Founders in 1776 pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in declaring independence from the tyranny of a distant, imperial government. Eleven years later, our nation was organized as a more perfect union with the formal signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787. Today, we commemorate this event, honor the Constitution, and reflect upon what prompted the Founders to take the risks they did in establishing the United States.

The US Constitution is the MOST important document established in United States. It is the one document that affects every single citizen within the United States every single day.  The founding fathers framed this great document to serve and protect the citizens of the greatest country on earth, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Furthermore, it was written to protect those affected by business commerce and trade.

The Activity:

In short essay answers, please address 3 of the 4 following questions and/or activities and then let’s discuss amongst ourselves:

1. Of the twelve (12) founding fathers, who was a notable entrepreneur and how did his endeavors and contributions influence what we do in business today? Cite some specific contributions.

2. What aspects of the constitution affect the business world, especially small business and entrepreneurs? Provide some real world experiences and/or cases.

3. Interview someone you know who owns or manages a business and ask them how the constitution affects them and their business? Provide their quote (you can paraphrase), name the type of business they run, and what their involvement (position or title) is in the business.

4. What does the constitution mean to you and how does it influence you in your everyday life, personally and at your job, career or vocation?

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