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After learning about both types of research design (Quantitative or Qualitative), students will find 1 peer-reviewed public health research article published within the past 10 years that uses either quantitative or qualitative research methods.  This article can be on any public health research topic and CANNOT be the same articles presented in class (zero credit for these submissions). The goal of this submission is twofold: 1) to assure that students clearly understand how to access peer-reviewed public health research articles and 2) to assure that students can identify which research design/methods are used within research articles.  

Article Requirements:

  • Peer-reviewed journal article
  • Published within the past 10 years
  • Topic must be public health in nature (do not pick an article outside of our discipline); it can be any topic.

I recommend picking an article that you can clearly understand as you will be analyzing it in the next assignment.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submit the full article to Canvas (5 points for submitting the article). It should be submitted in PDF form so it can be fully reviewed. Do not include just an article abstract.
  • Submit either a comment with the article or a word document describing which research design is used in the article and how you made this determination. This can be a brief discussion (just a few sentences). The goal here is to indicate which research design is used (quantitative vs. qualitative) and describe how you made this decision (5 points for accurately indicating the research design).

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