The Assignment

The Assignment

(1) Pick a documentary that interest you. If you have seen any of these movies, then please try to pick one that you haven’t seen. The links below will take you to information about the movie, but you will NOT be able to view the movies from the links. You will have to acquire the movie on your own (which is why you have been given lots of time to complete the assignment). You may stream the movie on Netflix or Amazon (or other service), you can rent the movie, check it out from the public library, see if it exists at our SAC library, or buy it online or in a store – how you acquire and show the movie is entirely up to you.

(2) Watch the movie once or twice and come up with a series of five SHORT questions based on the documentary that you can pose to members of an audience.  Your questions should be thoughtful.  If your audience can give you just a “yes” or “no” response, then your question is not thoughtful enough.  Get your audience to provide you with a sentence response – this is what you will document.

(3) Come up with an audience consisting of a minimum of three friends, family, neighbors, or acquaintances. Set a date and invite your audience over for some popcorn and snacks (or whatever).

(4) Before you show your movie, pose your five questions to your audience and record the responses from each of your audience members to each of your questions. This will help you gauge their prior level of knowledge of the topic covered in the documentary. Press your audience to give you MORE than just a one-word response.  After the film is over, pose the same five questions (or some new variation of them). Based on their follow-up answers, have their opinions changed as a result of watching the documentary. Record any interesting discussion from your group.

(5) Collate all of this on your word processor (for example Microsoft Word). Click on the assignment link above (the title of the assignment), and then COPY and PASTE the text from your document directly into the “SUBMISSION” box. BEFORE you submit the assignment, please make sure you also upload one digital picture showing your audience watching the movie. You will do this by clicking the button “Attach File” and browse your computer or flashdrive to find the digital picture you wish to upload. You will only receive full credit if you include a digital picture. If you have the means to reduce the file size of the picture, please do so – smaller photos where I can clearly see your audience and the movie is preferred. If your photograph is HUGE, it will take a long time to upload it. After you have successfully attached a picture, then click the Submit button at the bottom.

In addition to portraying human ecological challenges, some documentaries may try to propose solutions. Note that they don’t always propose all possible solutions. There is lots of good information here, but don’ t be afraid to be critical too… and be ready to challenge your audience!

Here is what you MUST hand in on time for full credit (50 points):

  1. (5 points) Title of your movie and your audience members (first names are fine, or just mom, dad, sister, etc.) – your audience can be made up of friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, etc. You must have a minimum of THREE (3) audience members.
  2. (5 points) Five questions you developed from your initial viewing of the documentary.
  3. (10 points) Responses BEFORE watching the movie from your audience members.
  4. (10 points) Responses AFTER watching the movie from the same audience members.
  5. (15 points) Summary paragraph describing how your audience responded to the documentary, how the experience of this assignment impacted you, and any other noteworthy things you would like to add.
  6. (5 points) A digital photograph of your audience watching the movie. Note: the digital picture you upload must show your audience and the movie they are watching (a picture of three random people standing on the sidewalk is NOT acceptable).

Your written information must be pasted into the “submission” field, and your photograph must be uploaded – again, please try to limit the file size of your picture if you can.  If you choose to upload a document instead of just copying and pasting your text, please ONLY upload Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or text (.txt or .rtf) documents.  I do not have the ability to open .wps files.  If you upload a .wps file, I will ask you to convert it – if you upload your converted file after the deadline, it will be considered late.  You’ve been warned.

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