This is a discussion question answer in 250 words of more

This is a discussion question answer in 250 words of more – two reference , site the reference of the article as one, APA 7 format

Review “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Clinical Importance Versus Statistical Significance in Research,” article attached

Provide examples of how you addressed feasibility and statistical versus clinical significance in your proposal. For example, why did you select the timeframe for your project, ( make up reason, project time was 8 weeks – pre implementation data was collected 8 weeks prior and comparison data was collected for 8 weeks).  and does that project timeframe allow you to meet the sample size you may have found in your power analysis (power analysis was 32) ? Did you select this because it was feasible? Why or why not and explain.

What is the difference between clinical and statistical significance and why are both important to the patient improvement outcomes of your project?

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