Microbe Hunters: Tracking Infectious Agents

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 Lecture One—Microbe Hunters: Tracking Infectious Agents

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Name ___________________  Biol 1408 SE 1-Microbe Hunters

1. Name the person giving the lecture.

 Dr. Donald Ganem

2. What diseases did he discover?

3. What type of organism caused Bubonic Plague?

4. What do you know about this type of organism that you have learned from studying biology?

5. What did scientist believe about infectious diseases in the 1950’s?

6. Where did you see art incorporated into the idea of infectious diseases?

7. Describe two types of virus described by the lecturer?

8. Do viruses fit our criteria for life? Explain

9. How did the lecturer illustrate the relative sizes of viruses and other organisms?

10. Describe the mechanism by which viruses enter cells?

11. Describe the process that viruses use to make new viruses.

12. What is an epidemiologist?

13. How do epidemiologists decide if the illness is an epidemic?

14. List three beginning theories about AIDS.

15. List three ways HIV is spread.

16. Lab scientists take charge when it is determined there is an epidemic. What new ways of searching for microorganisms are being used?

17. What two types of tissue are compared to see if the material obtained is the actual pathogen?

18. Why won’t traditional methods always work?

19. What is the new method for searching for microorganisms?

20. What is the #1 tumor of AIDS patients?

21. What population has Kaposis Sarcoma

22. List two forms of KS.

23. Describe two life styles of the virus?

24. Can Koch’s postulates be used for all pathogens?

25. What test is utilized to detect virus in the body?

26. List factors leading to the development of KS.

27. Has a vaccine been developed for KSHV?

28. What is the advantage of Latency for virus?

29. Can genital herpes develop from an infection with KSHV?

30. Explain why some patients are resistant to HIV.

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