What is your definition of family?

Part 1. 125 words

Defining Families – Defining family is a challenge in the research. There are various definitions in research, policy, organizations, and other areas. Now it is your turn to define family.

  1. What is your definition of family?
  2. What terms or concepts would you use?
  3. What was the process like for you in determining a definition of family?

Part 2. 400 words

Family theories help us put a situation into context and inspire us to look at things in further details. View the following clips about three teen couples. Choose TWO theoretical perspectives to analyze/understand each couple’s situation. Use the discussion board to exchange your thoughts and compare the usefulness of the two theories you adopted. How does each theory help you understand the couples’ situation? (Give examples from the clips to prove your points.) Does one theory work better than the other theory? If so, how?

Video Clips

  1. PrimeTime TV: Teen Pregnancy in America Part I
  2. PrimeTime TV: Teen Pregnancy in America Part II

For you to reference: The Three Teen Couples Introduced in the Clips

Hannah and Taylor (17 years old) – new born twins
Aliki and Jeremy (17 years old) – Carter (18 month-old)
Mahogany and Don (15 years old) – Khaesyn (3 month-old)

Discussion Format

Theory #1:

Write down the name of the theory you choose here and explain how the theory helped you understand each couple’s situation. If the theory can’t explain a couple’s situation well, just say it’s not applicable and explain why.

Theory #2: 

Same as the above.


Discuss the following questions: How do your theories help you understand the couples’ situation? Does one theory work better than the other theory? If so, how?

Review the definition your peers determine. Provide your thoughts and feedback on the definition of family. Responses to the discussion board should be at least 7-10 sentences in length. Students need to reply at least two of their peers and should be no less than 5-6 sentences in length. The replies to peers need to be thoughtful and provoke conversation.

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